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Very High Prolactin 2 Years After Cycle

I’ve been off cycle for over 2 years now. My last one was a deca cycle and I don’t think my PCT worked as per the below results. I’ve been suffering from low libido and everything that comes with that for the last two years and have only just got bloods done. My results are below what does everybody think? (I’m UK based also)

FSH 3.56IU/L [1.5-12.4]
LH 4.89IU/L [1.7-8.6]
OESTRADIOL 89.6pmol/L [41-159]
TESTOSTERONE 17.5nmol/L [8.64-29]
FREE TESTOSTERONE 0.276nmol/L [0.2-0.62]
FREE ANDROGEN INDEX 35.79 ratio [24-104]
PROLACTIN 569mU/L [86-324]
DHEA 10.6umol/L [4.34-12.2]

Yeah well I would expect that seeing as how you’ve got relatively low FT and high (not low) prolactin levels. Do you have any pre-cycle blood results to compare this test to?

I don’t unfortunately, I was younger and stupider than I am now and jumped in without taking every precaution thinking I would be fine. :upside_down_face:

Can you get your hands on cabergoline in the UK?
Its the number one prolactin reducer here in the states. In fact I don’t know of another drug.
From looking at your bloods you are also suffering from high SHGB that is why your Free T is so low. Not being on TRt I don’t know how to lower you SHGB.

Must not have been that bad then. What else happened in your life recently?

I’ll try and get some and see how that plays out. Prolactin is a cause of low T so if I sort that out my free T may increase. Worth a shot

You mean because I left it two years? I was pretty shut down after my cycle and have just kind of got used to it, thinking it was normal for someone in their 20’s. It’s weird I never gave it much thought because I never thought about it if you know what I mean?

You thought it was normal for someone in their 20’s to have no libido? Your 20’s, when the vast majority of the world’s male population is focused on having sex, you thought that was a normal time to not want to have sex? What else is going on here, man? Because this is not adding up.

Nothing is going on mate, just the way it is really. I could manage once a week so didn’t think too much about it

Hello my friend. First of all I must tell you that I am not an expert but let me tell you what I did with my Deca Cycle … It took me 1,5-2 months after PCT to recover and come to my normal libido.

My PCT protocol started one week after my last shot

10 days on row 500iu pregnyl
7 days 40 mg Novaldex
15 Days 20mg Novaldex
After pregnyl Shot complete ( 10 days) I stated taking Klomen for 10 days
400 iu Vitamin E during all PCT period
100 mg Zinc before sleep during all PCT period
600mg of Vit B6 during all PCT ( Dvided into 3 100x 3 in the morning , noon and night it will help you with your prolactin levels)
Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega CoQ10 daily 2 months
Argi Flex- M ( a supplement for people trying test tube baby) for 30days from the begining
5mg Cialis daily for 30 days from the begining.

Please note that if you are experiencing erectile problems your prolactin levels may not be the only reason . DECA harms the blood vessels much more than testesterone including your penis vessels. I can recomend you stop smoking if you smoke and use a strong supplement to repair your vessels such as omega3 .

Sorry for the typos … I am not a native English speaker.