Very High Iron / Low Test

No CBC for some reason?
WBC 4.1 range 4.0 - 11.0
RBC 5.21 range 4.5 - 6.0
Hemoglobin 160 range 135-175
Hemocrit 0.45 range 0.40 - 0.50

Vit B12 611 range 198 - 615
Ferritin 452 range 22 - 322

Glucose fasting 4.4 range 3.6 - 6.0
Creatinine 83 range 62 - 115
Creatine Kinase 115 range 40 - 280

Triglycerides 0.78
Cholesterol 5.42
HDL 1.60
non HDL 3.62
LDL 3.47
HDL ratio 3.4

TSH 1.29 range 0.3 - 4.00
FSH 2 range 2 - 8
LH 3 range 2 - 6
Prolactin 6 range 2 - 16

PSA 0.71 range <4.0

Estradiol <*70 range <150
Progesterone 1 range <4
Test 8.3 range 8.4 - 28.8
Test free 161 range 196 - 636

25- Hydroxy Vit D 74 range 75 - 250

So here’s my labs.
Besides too many forms of red meat, my diet is high in fish oils, coconut oil, flax, nuts, etc…I’ve made the necessary changes to my diet instantly after receiving these results. I;m obviously going to follow up with a full blood panel, full iron, CBC, inflammation markers, etc… whatever doc says.

He will not have the knowledge to help me with my low test, thyroid or anything else and will not prescribe me with anything either. So during this catabolic time, do I start test right away anyways with these problems or wait to blood tests come back and I’m all clear?.

you should get liver pannel done aswell, if thats elavated you could have Hemochromatosis which could cause the low fsh,lh, low testosterone, and elavated iron.

you do not want to start testosterone until you find out why its low, once you start testosterone it suppresses your natural ability to make testosterone and you will be dependent on it for life.

your testosterone is low so your fsh/lh levels should be high telling your body to produce more testosterone, the fact that your lh/fsh levels are low points to secondary hypogonadism and once you find out why your fsh/lh are low and correct it your body will begin producing testosterone on it own again.

Yes, I will get everything done that’s possible.
I came off a long 2 year blast & cruise about 8 months ago and I knew I could still be suffering from that. But now I’m not sure what’s going on with my body. Ive felt fine for months, accepting I’m natural and not going to make great gains. I have started shred diets and been training hard with the illusion id do fine, lol. And honestly feel pretty good, minus being sore for a lot longer. Thanks for the insight