Very High Heart Rate When Walking with Moderate Speeds

Walking with the speed of 6.0km/h on the treadmill brings me to 135-140bpm of HR.
Running with 13.0km/h for half minute and i instantly reach 175bpm of HR.
My resting heart rate is 70 and have 100/60 BP.

My doctor says my heart is totally fine and telling me TRT can cause this which i am not sure if i agree with.

BUT , after TRT my HCT reached to %50.5 and i can have shortness of breath from mild things sometimes… Any ideas?
Protocol 75mgx2 total of 150mg weekly.

Did you get a cardiac ultrasound? Ejection fraction measured?

check iron and ferritin

Yes he checked the cardiac ultrasound…

Not sure what that is as English is not my native but i will check… thanks

Iron , especially ferritin was depleted after trt but i got them back up to midrange.

maybe thats not enough. is midrange where you were prior to TRT?

What’s your native language?

You should try smaller more frequent injections because these large injections produce big peaks and this could be causing your issues.


And i checked what you said… it’s basically echocardiogram no? If so yes they checked it too…

It was low-midrange pre-trt. That is why TRT depleted it so quickly…
I have basically no deficiencies other than copper , sodium and calcium. All slightly below the range and tested as RBC… And these three show up within range when checked as serum.

I think i eventually will listen to you and try daily injections :slight_smile:

On the other hand i am thinking many of my side effects after TRT (like poor sleep) has to do with my low cortisol results. My FT3 is sometimes midrange and sometimes upper midrange. Still not sure if i really have hypothyroidism too.

Do you think cortisol and thyroid can cause super elevated HR when walking or jogging?

Small injections won’t help with autonomic dysfunction. Supra doses can induce this…

Some people naturally have more autonomic instability than others, thyroid, adrenals would be interesting to look at… as would the results of you’re echocardiogram. However if you’re like me and have say… POTS/autonomic instability, the answer regarding symptom relief is medication… look up IST (innaproporiate sinus tachycardia)… there are many reasons as to why you may be experiencing all this

Any prior experience with anabolic steroids? Hyperthyroidism, Addisons disease etc can induce arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy, heart failure etc

Daily injections won’t fix this…

175 from a minute of running at 8mph… I don’t think that’s particularly abnormal, I’d probably go up to around 165 from this… we all have individualistic responses to exercise, are you symptomatic, how long can you maintain these heart rates for? How old are you? Is you’re RHR throughout the day 70? Some just have an exaggerated HR increase in response to exercise. However if you’re symptomatic, short of breath etc and feel it beating out of you’re chest with tremendous force then perhaps autonomic dysfunction/other pathology may be at stake

I know one guy whose HR goes up to 210-215 during sparring and he sustains it there without issue, perhaps he is bullshitting, but I’m inclined to believe him

If your body is under stress, cortisol will increase, but what is causing the stress is the question. If your thyroid was struggling then cortisol could increase. Most can get by with fT3 midrange, other need fT3 50-80% of the range.

I was iron deficient and thyroid cannot function optimally unless ferritin at 70>, so it can be something downstream of the thyroid causing the problems. When I push higher than 400 when iron deficient, the symptoms increase and am sure cortisol must have been high.

One of those symptoms was elevated heart rates upon exercise. I would check potassium and multiple other vitamins and minerals if you haven’t already. The heart needs potassium to beat properly, if potassium is low the heart will struggle.

I have heard Dr. Saya mention that he has seen some guys just not tolerate HCT at 50% and that a select few need blood thinners.

How long have you been on TRT? I noticed similar things when I started that cleared up on its own after 6 months.

Super. Then you know heart morphology and function is fine. In conditions like myocarditis the heart function is typically reduced which expresses itself as a low ejection fraction - very Import to exclude this.

How high is your T and fT on TRT?
Maybe a good idea to reduce the dose along with doing more frequent injections (eod is enough).

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I’m presuming his issue may be autonomic dysfunction, not T dose (My RHR and HR in response to exercise will increase when my dose goes above 250mg weekly)… should be noted that I legitimately have autonomic instability however (POT’s, or something similar… strongly correlated hand in hand with fibromyalgia… and I have that so)

A T dose too high can exacerbate autonomic dysfunction. AAS in general have the potential to do so, however splitting up injections to a higher frequency won’t help within this retrospect. Lowering the dose might, but you’d have to be INCREDIBLY sensitive to notice a difference in autonomic control with say 150 vs 125 mg

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No , not at all. Although i was planning to do a mild cycle in the near future but can’t do it with these problems i have such as low cortisol and not so good FT3.

I will look it up… You have this?

I get to 175 fast and if i keep running for more than 40-60 seconds it reaches to 185… I am 36yo btw.

Good question… only checked once a day.

When i reach to 175-180 yes i do feel chest pain…

My 4 point cortisol saliva came up with 3 lows… Only morning was within range.

I have checked potassium intracellular and it was above the range and sodium was below the range… This was 2 months ago and since then i am consuming himalayan salt like crazy…

I think this caused me to not tolerate mild exercise sometimes… but before trt i’ve still had high HR … just not as much as now.

I was diagnosed with this 6 years ago but other doctors denied it and now the dr is telling me that he sees no signs of myocarditis.

Man this is the thing that will probably will make me give up on TRT… I have around 850 TT and my FT is 17.7 pg/mL (5.4 - 40 pg/mL).
I don’t wanna go above my current protocol since mu HCT is already at the limit and have poor sleep. On 100mg (50mgx2) weekly i didn’t have sleep or HCT issues.

Since last July… With this protocol since September.