Very High FSH and LH Help with Labs?

Can someone please explain the crazy high FSH and LU? Test came in at 635. I have no idea what to make of it. I have never used TRT or steroids of any kind. I am 50 yrs old and in pretty good condition I would say. Been having low test symptoms and got these labs done to see what’s going on. If someone with this type knowledge could help I would great appreciate it.

So first of all, what does your doctor say about the labs? It would seem to me that your pituitary is trying to send these signals to your nads to produce more T and they aren’t really listening.

Primary Care Doc who just doesn’t understand hormones very well. I guess time to see a real doc?

Yeah try to find an Endocrinologist who maybe knows TRT as well. They are rare but worth a shot.

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Yes foggy brain I suppose, I’m old and doing my best:)

Well if you end up on TRT that should clear up a bit. Im 47 and my brain was getting bad but things are much better these days.

yes I think I need additional labs from what I am learning on the fly… SHGB for one thing.
From what I am researching the high FSH and LU are both signs of testicle damage… Just not understanding how my Total test came in at 635 and two yrs ago when I first started feeling lousy and got labs Total test was 405… Reference range on that lab was maybe 348-1199

Were you doing something different then that suppressed T? Have you quit drinking or anything like that?

Working a good bit late into the night during that time if I remember correctly but nothing else has changed to be honest. I cant imagine a couple hours of missed sleep causing that kind of slump but I suppose it could. But I suppose it could… Seems to me the big thing now is the elevated FSH and LU from my understanding…

A lot of doctors are operating in the dark on the subject of sex hormones and the HPTA, even endo’s get it wrong and have little to no knowledge because it’s not an area of medicine they choose to practice. Once medical school is complete the doctor must choose if her/she wants additional education in sex hormones for example, most elect not to do.

This could mean your SHBG is increasing which would see Total T increase and Free T decrease, SHBG is produced inside the liver and naturally isn’t reversible. TRT will lower SHBG by means of excess androgens.

These high SHBG men will need very high Total T levels to have enough Free T is circulation, the problems is guidelines were written at a time of poor knowledge and insurance companies will not allow doctors to let Total T 800> and will stop treatment or reduce your dosage if this occurs.

Then your only recourse is to seek a private doctor not bound by these medical guidelines that can allow higher Total T levels. I would expect to see Total T higher with that LH value and I’m leaning toward a possible primary diagnosis. I believe your SHBG is high and Free T is low, this will confirm a primary diagnosis.

I was hoping that you would chime in. I appreciate you taking the time to reply very much… Thanks again…

Check your prolactin level.

Ok I will get that done with new labs, free test and shbg as well… Thanks very much…

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