Very High Free T Need Help

Help with Protocol please. Currently, 30mg EOD (~105mg Test E a week) high blood pressure and pumps that cause difficulty working out (HIIT). Do 150m LISS a week. 10% BF. Mid 30s.

Free Test 212: high range on lab 35-155pg/ml
Total Test 899 250-1100ng/DL
E2 25 (not taking AI) range <39pg/ml
SHBG 25 range 10-50nmol/L

Liver was good. MCH was high and RBC was low. B12 supplement low?

I started TRT at 200mg/wk but keep dropping because holding water and pumps and BP. I am manageable at 100mg/wk but not nearly as ‘fit’ as before TRT. HELP!

Previous dosage and testing at 150mg/wk was pushing 1300 total T.

  • The lab values are all trough?
  • 150 mg/wk was EOD protocol as well?
  • Bloodwork prior to TRT? Baseline numbers?
  • What does your provider think?
  • What was your resting BP prior to treatment?
  • BP now?
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You’re running low on something. I would get an iron panel as well as B12 testing.

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Thank you for reply. I am thinking to drop to 90mg a week?
Iron historically has always been low, but cardio is great… As an athlete I would supplement 200% daily value. Went to blood builder type and it stabilized. D and b12 is good but have to supplement very high amounts. I cut the iron cuz I thought hematocrit could be high, it’s not.

Correct before shot at on EOD
Baseline 500-700 total T. But had all the low symptoms so said we would try for a year.
Provider is lost; as a very intelligent endocrinologist we even did nuero transmitter urine tests to rule out brain. Hence I came to forums.
Bp before was 110/70 and under 60hr. Now it is pushing 140/90 until I can down to 100/wk it’s about 125/80 so has helped but pulse resting is still about 75. I wear a whoop so it monitors all night.

You gotta get that BP down and haven’t seen your bloodwork. If it was me I’d titrate down to 70 mg/week and reassess. Of course that may take your trough down to near what your peak was at baseline but in absence of your intraday profile you would still probably be getting more TT AUC. Please be careful. Your cardiovascular system appears very sensitive to exogenous testosterone.

Current HCT/CMP look decent you say? Post your CBC.

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Thank you for this forum providing options. I agree rather be at a sustainable level than peak if it means I can workout to my potential again. Libido is fine for what it is worth. High dose it was high and oily skin. Now I have some backacne but not major. My cardiovascular is very sensitive to it.

HCT is 40% lower than baseline pre TRT of 48%

This goes against all the online movement, but get off EOD and go to twice a week or e5d or once a week.

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Good clarification. I wasnt clear above. 70 mg/week with one weekly injection and reassess how you feel throughout the week. Or switch to Nasal gel so you are pulsing daily.


You have options. Just not the options you see on Youtube.


Taking this information Dr and I agree that low iron/B12 is the root cause as the TRT should be increasing the RBC. Supplementing with Blood Builder (iron, folate, C, B12) 2x a day. If in 2-3 weeks no better breathing, then moving to injectable B12. She recommended keeping the course on the TRT as it should be increasing RBC normally if there are enough building blocks.

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Root cause of your high blood pressure?

Yes, that my body is trying to compensate for lack of O2 by increasing the RBC sizes and frequency that they travel around the body (pulse/BP). TRT should have created more however, if the building blocks are not there it will exacerbate the issue. Blood drawn this morning on another Ferratin, folate, iron, and %saturation test. Will post on here so people can look in the future.

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I am starting to feel more calmer and breathing better on 100mg per week. Before I head heavy pulsations and labored breathing that was somewhat fixed by lowering e2 with AI. I think some of us are too sensitive to both being high, we can somewhat get away with one but not both being high.

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blood work back. Super low ferretin and iron. Reading suggests increased EPO and RBC demands with TRT. With low iron in body could not produce enough so had water retention/hunger/higher BP. Also, more research says a free T can be upwards to 300 and be okay… So mostly posting on here if someone has issues and cannot track it down only $70 to get your CBC done and Iron saturation.

B12/Folate normal.
Ferretin 32 low 38-380 range

So what do you conclude from these data? What is your body trying to tell you I wonder?

Thanks for posting.

Either A) trt has higher iron demands than normal baseline for EPO.So I completely drained my ferritin storage and only got worse. Some guys get highway hematocrit etc with high conversion.
B) underlying medical issue like celiac stopping absorption of iron. However it got very bad with TRT. So I’m leaning towards #1.

Supplementing Blood builder. 65mg iron a day with folate, b12, C.

I still have swelling and E2 is just fine. Started some dandelion. Blood work shows sodium potassium is fine.

Will report in a few weeks with bloods as RBC takes time.