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Very High Free T. Change Protocol?

Free T is 271.3 pg/ml. Total T is 952. E2 is 22. SHBG is <15. Currently on 100mg Test/Cyp broken up into .25 twice a week. 60 units. HCG also broken up twice a week. Erection and libido problems. Free T seems very high. Should I reduce T and go to EOD or daily injections?

If you recently just started TRT it could take awhile for libido and sexual functioning to return. I usually need at least 3 months to know if a protocol is a success or not.

Your E2 is a little on the low side, I would want my E2 higher since its needed for libido and erectile strength.

When were these labs done in relation to your injections?

Are you on an AI?

I’ve been on TRT for 1.5 years. Labs were drawn morning before my injection. So in a trough. Had been on an AI .5 Anastrozole once a week up until 2 wks ago.

Then it might be wise to try more frequent shots, but in my experience the more frequent the better. You would need to reduce your TRT and/or HCG dosage and also the point of daily injections is to avoid needing an AI, so you might go without it.

Just know that the HCG is known to diminish libido and sexual function in a lot of men, so if you haven’t tried without HCG, now might be the time to stop it to see if things improve.

How much Test would go too?

Your FT looks great. I shoot for 250-350pg. But your e2 looks low for your test level. I’d stop the AI and see how you fell

Should my E2 be in the mid to upper 40’s for the correct T/E2 ratio?

Well TRT increases a few things, hematocrit and estrogen can get higher than it would naturally. There are some guys that need a balance of the two T/E2 to have good sexual function.

Your ratio will be different than the next guy, but you will have to figure it out because only you can tell us what works for you. My Total T is 512, Free T 22 (10.8-26.5) and E2 is in the 60’s, a normal ratio would have my E2 between 20-35 pg/mL if I were natural.

Yo8uu may have to experiment with your protocol.