Very High Estrogen. Help?

Hi guys I am on a cutdwon cycle
Just took out test from my cycle I was on Test E 1 shot a week
Tren ace 3 shots a week
Mastrone 3 shots a week
Winstrol 3 shots a week
Clen & t3 40 mg clen & 25 mg T-3
I am attaching my E2 reports.
I was taking 1 nolvadex 20 mg a day now I m planning to switch to Anastrazol 1 mg daily due to my reports r not at all good. Can anyone suggest anything which is more better than this and brings my estrogen more faster down than Anastrazol.

“1 shot” in no way tells us the dosage you are taking if each compound. How come you’re pinning Tren EOD and not daily? Genuine question, not being a smart ass.

What symptoms are you having? What is your T in relation to E2? Your post is a little confusing, are you no longer taking test E? You should be and otherwise I don’t know how you would have those numbers as none of the other compounds aromatize.

Test 250 mg per week ( now I am off the test as I have a contest in 4 weeks)
Tren Ace 300 mg a week
Mastrone 300 mg a week
Winstrol 150 mg a week
Anavar 40 mg a day
Clen 40 mg a day
T-3 25 mg a day

I took test off from this week as I have a contest coming in 4 weeks.
Test E was 250 mg a week
Tren Ace 300 mg a week
Mastrone 300 mg a week
Winstrol 150 mg a week
Anavar 40 mg a day
Clen 40 mg a day
T-3 a day

My body looks watery and I am not getting in shape despite of being on a calorie deficit cardio every day and a good training protocol. I doubt then I check my estrogen so I comes very high…u can see the attach files… Can u show me which Anti estrogen I take to control it as fast as possible.

None of those compounds will aromatize. I would guess you will start feeling like shit and your E2 is going to drop on its own. I would let that happen over crushing it with an AI.

But I am just 4 weeks out from my competition, it’s on 1st March, and I can’t take chances… I had take out my test to make my body looks more hard. Now if it comes down I will be in better shape I guess. What u suggest…

I’m pinging @Singhbuilder on this one. Complex competition cycles are out of my area of comfortability. He will know what to do.

Okay thanks a lot man

Didn’t realize you were headed into a competition. Like Shaw, I don’t know about the extremes competitors put their bodies through leading up. SB will be much more helpful. Wish you the best of luck man!

How to contact him

He will post on here I’m sure.

Hope so thanks a million for this help

Photos will help the guys that know determine wherther you are actually retaining water from high e or whether you’re just a little softer than you think.

It’s the Tren showing up as e2, right? Heard it screws results up


Tren will give false E2 readings unless a sensitive test is done (I’ve not had this done so I can’t suggest anything). I would wait another 2 weeks if you have 4 weeks left, 2 weeks prior to the show is plenty to tank your oestrogen, if needed. Post some pics so we can see how far out you look.



Okay wait I will post some Pic’s. I am on a calorie deficit then also not getting my muscle clear. Looks like watery…

I think it might a printing mistake as well because in 468 pg/ml y I shouldn’t have even a symptom of gyno at all???

It’s the tren coming up as E2

You’re on 1 shot of test weekly (I presume 250mg…) changes are you’re E2 isn’t higher than 2-3x top of the range, you don’t need anastrazole

Are you aware of the risks associated with running you’re current regiment (tren + winny is one of the riskiest drug combos one can take in regards to preserving longevity… clen, t3 and anabolics will put massive amounts of strain on the heart)

Unless you’re looking to compete, I honestly think you’re just being foolish… that being said, you look very good

Are you getting the gear legally or via black market? Wondering because when I save up enough to go travelling again I want to go somewhere wherein I can try some shit free of charge