Very High Estrogen But I Feel Great

I have got my E2 lab results and my estradiol is 141 pgml. Total testosterone 2800 ngdl. In the past I tried having lowering estrogen with AI and felt like crap. Now I let estrogen go up and I feel very good. I have never felt so good in a long time. My dick is hard as a rock, very high libido, can fuck 6 times a day, no water retention, no moonface, no anxiety and obsessive thoughts (when I crashed E2 anxiety and obsessive thoughts were horrible). Confidence through the roof, energy through the roof, no more fatigue, can work out for 2 hours and not get tired. Not craving sweets. And no signs of gyno.

So based on my feelings, I feel amazing and should let estrogen stay at that level. But when looking at the number alone, it is very high and scares me of having bad consequences.

What do you think about this? Should I try to lower it even if I am feeling great and I know I will feel worse if my E2 goes down?

Don’t mess with whatever is working. Your test/E2 ratios must be just right at 2800/141. Enjoy the ride


Are you taking just Test? Why type and dosage?

I’ve just been reading / learning about ratios as of late. Sounds like you know what your body likes, and that ratio is golden for you.

So I have mentioned this on the forum before but i was introduced to a formula. Divide your tt by your e2. The acceptable ratio will fall between 15 and 25. Your ratio puts you at 19. Based on the formula you are with an acceptable range for tt to e2. Just fyi.


I am taking just testosterone enanthate 500 mg per week, divided into two injections, one on Monday and one on Thursday.

I have read some posts about the ratio theory and it really makes sense, but I’ve seen very people saying they are doing this way. So that’s why I am somewhat insecure to do this. My body likes this way, but I’ve seen so many people say this is wrong that I am a little afraid of running E2 this high. But i think you guys are right, I will chase feeling well instead of an arbitrary number.

This should be your life’s philosophy! LOL

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Unless your growing tits, or suddenly having piss stream problems, don’t fuck with your e2…

Your experience is fantastic!!! Yes, I know for some men, super high T and E2 would or might cause problems, I just bumped my test enanthate to 250 a week. For two days my sleep has improved and my waking mood is so much better. No depression or anxiety, probably because my E2 has gone up. It does have antidepressant action. I don’t know if my doctor would prescribe higher dosing but I’ll find out when I see him in May or June.

Is your test enanthate on rx or buying it on your own?