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Very high CRP, low Iron? Other numbers good, but symptoms still there

Labs from 2/17/20
Total Test - > 1500 (264-916 ng/dL)
Free Test - 41.9 (8.7-25.1pg/mL)
Estadiol sensitive 42.8 (8.0 - 35.0)
SHBG 57.9 (16.5 - 55.9)
Free T3 - 4.7 (2.2-4.4)
DHEA 150 (31 - 701)
For these labs, my protocol was:
.4ml 200mg/ml Test Cyp & 400UI HCG 2x per week + 2 grains armour thyroid/35mcg cytomel

Labs from 5/29/20
Total test 1309
Free Test 15.3
Estradial sensitive - 28.7
(SHBG not taken, but likely high due to Total T/Free T ratio. LabCorp mistakenly missed lab)
T3 - 193 (71-180) (Free T3 not taken,LabCorp mistakenly missed Free T3)
Free T4 - 0.72 (0.82 - 1.77)
IGF-1 - 165 (88-246)
CRP - 45 (0-10)
Iron - 39 (38-169)
My protocol leading up to this was:
.1ml WEEKLY TOTAL 200mg/ml Test Cyp (split up in DAILY injections) + 2.5 grains armour thyroid/50mcg cytomel

I believe there is a problem going on here outside of my hormones. My main symptoms now are my inability to lose weight, despite training 6x per week and calculated calories, and I have no libido. The sleep and energy has improved (I’ve been lessed burnt out from work, which likely is to credit). The CRP suggest inflammation. I don’t know what affects this may be having, or remedies there are out there for this. The low iron is surprising, since I eat A LOT of meat. Seems like something is not being absorbed? The low T4 is odd, as I take 2.5 grains of armour daily, and in the past, it has been higher (but not optimal) with less of a dose.

I began having these symptoms in 2018, and my initial labs then did show low T/low E/High SHBG/Not optimal thyroid. Therefore, I thought this treatment was the answer to the weight and libido. However, with my numbers looking good and me still having these issues, I feel like there has to be a different culprit. Any insights on what this may be, and the remedy for it, would be great. I will mention I eat clean, dont drink/do drugs, and exercise reguarly.

I’ve been on TRT & Thyroid treatment since December 2019 (was just thyroid prior to that). Previously, my numbers were looking good, but I still had symptoms (Weight gain, low libido, bad sleep, low energy). I was encouraged to drop HCG to “dial in”, and have been without HCG for 10 months, and just Testosterone Cyp (1ml weekly, split up in daily injections).

At this point, I have an appointment with a Functional medicine doctor, as I feel there must be something else going on. This may be a longshot, but I will also say that I urinate more than anyone I’ve ever known (up to 4 times an hour). I’m seeing a urologist about this. I’m thinking maybe there is something going on there that play into my current symptoms as well?

Any insights are appreciated.

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