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Very High BP Shortness of Breath


Ill try to keep this short. I’m 39 and in good health. I eat ok and drink more than i should. I started TRT on 09/19

1 st blood draw prior to starting: 08/22/16
Total Test 305 ng/dL
Free Test 56.1 pg/ml
Hematocrit 41.2%
PSA 0.7 ng/mL

Doc prescribed 0.75 ml injection once a week. everything has been going great.

Follow up labs on 10/31/16: This test was done about 2 hours before my once a week injection.
Test 455
Hematocrit 44.7
Estradiol 39
PSA 1.0

At the follow up check up Doc gave me Amiridex he said half a pill Tuesday and Friday. I inject On Monday morning.
I took my first dose Tuesday and feel really run down all week. That Friday I did the same and didn’t feel bad but not myself all weekend. Monday I injected and Tuesday took a quarter pill. Wednesday I started to feel not so good again and Thursday Thanksgiving I was a mess. Shortness of breath, dizzy and very high BP. I had to act normal but on the inside felt like i was going to have a heart attack. Friday as soon as i got back in town I donated blood. I was worried my Hematocrit was so high I was having all these symptoms. Blood Mobile did my vitals BP 180/100 pulse 104 Hemo was 16. they said BP was ok but pulse was too high to donate. after 10 mins they did pulse again and said it was under 100 so i could donate. My bp is normal around 120/80 pulse around 70. If they didnt let me donate I was going to the hospital. I was very scared after they did my vitals After I donated I feel better almost instantly. This morning my BP is 140/75 pulse 74.Now I have a mild head ache but feel a lot better. So my question is. Is this an allergic reaction to Amidex or do you think it’s Hematocrit. Doc as gave me a script for HCG and I just refilled my 3 month Test supply. I have felt amazing these last few months and really dont want to stop, but now I’m second guessing everything. Thanks for reading and I really appreciate all insight.


I doubt 150mg of test is causing this, i know their used to be commercials about how trt is causing heart attacks, which has been disproved.
My general doc said test may cause anxiety, while a cardiologist , uralagist, said im better of with trt than low levels.
I haven’t used arimedix i haven’t heard of sides though.
I have a friend who i barely speek to around holiday’s, especially election years, because of anxiety. From being around family members he cant stand and financial issues.
If this continues talk to doctor, i had anxiety problems before, and i turned out to have low hemoglobin, causing tachycardia.


Honestly I didn’t think of that. I’ve been more relaxed since starting trt.
I only have anxiety when I fly and will take Xanax when I’m forced to fly.
I’ve never had a panic attack but imagine it would feel exactly like I
felt. Thank you for your reply.


When I drink alcool, I have short breath, no energy, don’t feal like doing skat. But it does not only play whit my energy level it also messes up my hormons. It’s a question of fuel, alcool is toxic, like it or not. It’s like running a gaz engine with diesel fuel. It will never work, no matter how many times you try it. It can mess me up for many day’s, physiquely and emotionelly. I can’t drink and do any physical work, and on top of that I have no patience and feal depresed. I need good fuel. One of my buddy can drink a 24 and do a maraton on the same day, I can’t. So after doing a couple of test on my self. I came to the conclusion that I add to stop driking. So I did and never felt better!
Alcool will tiken your blood, will rise your BP, concentrat toxins in your body. Because it is a dehydrater. It’s ok to have a drink one’s in a while, but every day will destroy you. Your body is talking to you, it myght be time to listen.


I drink coffee probably 6 cups a day. I honestly haven’t been in the gym in
way to long. I’m 240 6’4" and close to 15% bf. With my shirt on I still
look pretty good. Lol! I have a really physical job so that’s helped me
keep mass over the years.


You mith be driking to mutch Coffee. Coffee will drain your adrenal glande. And with a lot of adrenalin in your blood it will rise your anxiaty and will give’s you panic attack’s. You could try to reduse, slowly, your dayly cafeine intake.


I need to limit my caffeine and have today. Over doing it with alcohol is not something I do regularly. I am a social drinker though. I’ll seriously consider cutting back. I just can’t believe feeling good so good on trt can turn so quickly into a situation where I think I’m going to have a heart attack. I’m still really confused by all of it.


Could this be from high E2? Maybe I should have stuck with half instead of
one quarter??. I’m afraid to take my shot on Monday. I was thinking of just
doing .30mg instead of the .75mg I’ve been doing. And just not taking


Our body’s reac’s to different stimulus, Coffee and alcool are verry powerfull in deed . What ever we put in our tank will have and effect on the way we trive . We are driven by hormons. And by putting then out of balance will creat a mess. Some tings will have minimum effect but others will creat a catastrophic impact.


I have only bin on TRT for 9 or 10 week’s but I lurned Fast that injecting once a week is hell. I add verry bad headacks and lost all energy 2 to 3 day befor next injection, and took 2 or 3 day’s to get à good vibe again. So now I inject 50mg of test cyp. every 3.5 day ( monday morning and fryday after noon). It realy made a big diference. I just started anastrozole and I can feal the difference. I’m only taking .250mg at each injection. I will reevaluate at m’y next blood work in 2 week’s. I could be a over responder or not. But I radder take it slow.


Being dehydrated causes issues, also alcohol kills potassium , victor Conte said if you drink take zinc.
So if you tie one on have a banana or baked potato, and have some 32oz suger free power aid .
Also i take a clozapam before family functions , my family has totally different political views, as well as a 5 and 2 year old who have contest who can squeal the loudest, i feel for my brother in law , he is trapped if he thinks of speaking mind he’s, got to get yelled at by my sister.


1 - Could you post your FT, E2 with the range.
2 - how long have you been on TRT with no anastrozole and how long have you been on anastrazole?
3 - what is your blood type?


I’m not sure what F2 is and I didn’t get my blood type. That was one of the
things I wanted to know but was freaking out so bad I just wanted to get
home to lay down. E2 was 39 at my last test. I did 5 weeks .75mg cyp that’s
when I did labs and went to see doc. My nipples were really starting to
hurt after shots. I started arimidex 2 weeks ago. First week half a pill
Tuesday and Friday. Second week 1/4 pill.


Ok, you should get BW done 2 week’s after you started amiridex. Try dividing your dose of test in 2 shots. Try to inject every 3.5 day’s. T will not rise as mutch , and E2 will not go out of control. This way your T level will be more stable and so will your E2.
This will allow you to have a clearer picture on your next BW. And you will be abel to ajust your arimidex dose. And of course no driking alcool the day befor BW.


Free testosterone. Sorry it’s been a crazy day. I’ll try to every 3.5 days and try to get labs in 2 weeks. I was thinking about not doing arimidex at all and see if low dose every 3.5 days would work. Thanks for any and all advice. I really thought I had done my research and everything was going so good. TRT truly has made my life so much better in the last couple months. I really don’t want to stop.


You could be a over responder.

Have you talk to your doctor abouth this side effects?

But if it makes you feal that bab you could stop for a week and resume to a lower dose next week. It will take a week to clear any residus of amiridex out of your système. And I woud resume to 1/16 or 1/8 of the dose and get BW done in 2 week’s. That way your will have a better idea with the BW. My self on liquid anastrozole for the first week. First try I only took 4 drop. I felt weird all day. Fryday I took .250mg of anastrozole after my 50mg of test cyp. But this time, I took it with a big glace of watter.I did not feal weird this time. My E2 was at 40 on my last BW. I was suppos to take .500mg of anastrozole but I figured. 250mg would do the trik. Anastrozole is verry powerfull, in 2 hr you feal it, it’s realy fast acting.

The target is E2=22


So last night I was feeling better and after the long holiday my wife was
in the mood. I couldn’t perform at all. I tried by myself today and
nothing. Seriously bad ED. Since I’ve been on TRT I’ve been 100%. Honestly
like I was in my prime again. Today I still feel a little space brain and
lazy. Just out of sorts. I’ve been only drinking water and some green tea.
No alcohol or junk food. Think my E2 could have hit rock bottom and caused
all this. I’ll call my MD first thing in the morning. I really want blood
tests asap.


Hi E2 is responsable for ED, brain fog and mood swings . Low E2 will give you joint pain and also mood swings. So your E2 must be hi. But do not worry, this is not permanant. And do not rush in to thing, every thing will be ok. It just take time and patiance.

Have you read any of the stickies for New guy’s ?


Thanks. I have read and need to reread them. This all seemed kinda easy at the beginning. Tomorrow I’ll try to see my doc. Hopefully he will order BW so I can get a clearer picture of what’s going on. I was kind of feeling better thinking I was just an AI over responded and I floored my E2 with dex. I’ll know more tomorrow. Thanks for all the advice.


Our body may just need time to adjust to this new chemical ? I did not fill great the first time I took anastrozole, and I ad only taken 4 drops. I felt drawzy, no concentration, bad workout for the next couple of day’s. But Sleped amazingly good. On my next try, tings came in to place. But took only 1/2 of the recommanded dose. I only took .250mg.
I know it’s nerve racKing, I just try to stay positif and go one step at a time.
Good Luck!