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Very Funny from NAAFA

I saw this today on the NAAFA site and hurt my stomach laughing so hard…

“This is something that I never thought that I would ever share with anyone, but I need to know that I am not alone. I weigh appr.390-lbs. and since I have put on this extra weight, I am have become inable to “clean” myself after using the restroom. I am now having to coinside “potty time” with shower time. This however, is not always convient. Are there other ways without it being obvious that I cant function as a “normal” human being after doing such necessities? I have compromised myself in the shower by using dish towels to compensate for those hard to reach areas. The toilet situation is a whole different situation. I would appreciate any advice on how to handle my dilema. I have read on here many things to help people…I hope that this too can be accomidated. Thank you and I wait eagerly for any replys.”

That’s just pathetic. Did (s)he just wake up one morning looking like that & go ‘omg! what happened to me?!’ ? I don’t friggin think so.

I have a suggestion for this a-hole: Lose about 200 pounds.

I think I’m going to throw up…

I love people like this. Its kinda like contrast training. After everybody sees this fool and then they look at me, they will think I look a lot better than i really do.

It’s sad really. This is what NAAFA is really all about. Sad. Pathetic.

I’m with Patricia on this one, very sad…

Well, goddamn! this is some funny shit yet very disturbing all at the same time. I mean who is going to take a shit while they are in the shower? I mean it doesn’t matter if your a fat fucker, unless all of that fat is hindering his/her brain useless.

Why do some people on this board continue to derive amusement from ths misfortunes of others? THAT’S sad.

That is truly sad. I only wish that his/her health care team could have intervened before it got this bad. I understand the concept of acceptance and realize that not everybody wants to have the ultimate physique, but when you begin to lose functional capacity, it is really time to make a change. The medical community needs to step up. This person needs to make a committment to change and will need a lot of help from his/her doctor, a qualified personal trainer and a good dietician. Looking for acceptance should not be this person’s goal, but due to organizations like NAAFA, these people don’t know where to draw the line.

Here’s and idea I came across:

THE ASSWIPER: Since fat people have such fat asses, it can be a challenge to wipe properly. They might miss a spot or 5, and leave that nasty fecal residue festering on their pimply butts. Since I have no desire to ever experience something as grotesque as what I just described, here’s The Asswiper, which is toilet paper on a pole. Instead of physically needing to open their large cheeks themselves and putting the wiping mission in danger of failure, The Asswiper can be stuck straight into and around the asshole, cleaning it out like nothing ever has before. Its pole action enables it to reach where the fingers could only dream of. This is a boon for fat people, since before the days of The Asswiper, they had to get up, spread their legs, wipe in the general vicinity of their asshole, and hope for the best.

I’d suggest this as a definite gift idea for the fattest, filthiest member of your family. The one that eats far too much and ends up stinking up your bathroom whenever he comes over. He’ll probably think it’s a dildo to begin with, which may or may not be a good thing. Try this: Picture an incredibly fat, ugly woman using The Asswiper. Hold that image in your head. Picture her then removing the Asswiper from her anal region and then using it to masturbate. Hold that image in your head. Finally, imagine her pulling it out and licking off everything that was on The Asswiper. Done yet? If you are, I’m happy for you. I just made you think of that disgusting chain of events. See the power of this yet?

The reason I continue to draw amusement is because they actually send supportive messages to these types of people saying no matter what don’t diet. They encourage these people to be happy in their bodies (not a bad thing), but once it reaches a certain point it is wrong to continue to give that message. Several people responded to this person saying they understood how they felt because they were in the same situation. How little respect do you have to have for your body to get to the point you can’t wipe your own ass? It is so stupid, that yes, it is amusing. I just can’t understand an organization that discourages weight loss under these conditions. It is really mind boggling to me.

I agree with Jason Norcross and Zev. That is truely sad. These people need to be educated. What does NAAFA stand for anyway…National Association Against Fat…Attack??? On a side note sumo wrestlers have similar problems. However it is the job of the lower ranking wrestlers to clean the higher ranking guys asses. Sorry not a job I want. :slight_smile:

SAD…plain & simple. I don’t feel contempt, just freakin’ pity

I dont feel sorry for these people. Now if they had a medical condition then i would feel pity for them. But 99% are just lazy fat asses. Thats not a misfortune. Thats a waste of a life.

Agree with pretty much everyone so far, depending on my mood. It IS sad. At the same time, I don’t have much sympathy for a person who sees that there’s a problem and won’t make a change to help him/herself. Let’s face it, folks: when this person gets to the point where being so fat kills him/her, natural selection will have kicked in and done its job. That’s not PC or antiPC, it’s Mother Nature cleaning house.

The hawgs are stampeding.

http://www.naafa.org/ boards/index.cgi?read=8694

dude, that just isn’t funny. It is unfortunate that the individual in question has reached such a state. However, we cannot just place blame directly and without discrimination onto that person’s habits. You do not know if the person has a glandular issue or is simply lazy…but you are assuming the latter. Perhaps it is time to review your perceptions of not only yourself but of the people you interact with on a daily basis. Do you have many other biases or predjudices that come into play when dealing with others?
On a larger scale, I think everyone who found this post even remotely funny should be very ashamed of themselves. We are (at least some of us) in a position to offer some amount of advice to people who are limited in this way or are on the path to becoming limited. How about trying to disperse information instead of just completely writing everyone off as lazy or stupid. To do any other thing is not only immature and bigoted, but also immoral and unjust. Thank you for your time.

Cam – here’s the real rub of the NAAFA site: they will summarily delete any posts that have personal attacks (why a lot of people have been blocked from posting there), or ADVICE ON DIETS OR EXERCISE. The sad fact is that they DON’T want to change, and are mostly looking for a big pity party. If you spend some time on their discussion board, you’ll see it’s basically controlled by a few people. Yup, you’ll see my handle there as well. I’ve taken a different path with my participation there than most people who’ve come from the T-mag site. It’s going to be a long road.

Well, Cam, I tried that approach…To educate….And guess what? I got called names. Told I was wrong, that some people are just fat and can’t do anything about it so I should shut up. Then I see a post about someone who has a problem with cleaning themselves after using the bathroom. Did I laugh? Yes, the mental picture is pretty funny. But then I got pissed off because the NAAFA organization condones this behavior. Instead of telling this person the need medical attention to lose weight they tell them just be happy with who you are. It is other people who have the problem, they are all just fat biased mindless people who believe you have to be skinny. I got creamed for trying to help. How can you not encourage someone who has gained so much weight that they can’t perform basic daily activities to not lose some weigh. The main reason I made the post here was out of anger at the NAAFA site because I questioned their motives and told them that this is the problem with their organization, in some cases they do need to recognize that at some point too much weight is bad regardless of health level. I made a sincere post that someone should help this guy. And I questioned the forum as to when is enough enough and someone should lose. And guess what? They pulled my post from the board because it dealt with weight loss and questioned NAAFA.