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Very First Cycle. Constructive Criticism?


Ok Baiscly First Time Ever Using Analbolic Steroids, Im 5'7 144(lea, BF 9%)Been Lifting Weights For Over A Year. I Eat Like A Hourse Consume 4/6 Meals A Day 3000/4000 calories (And Cant Gain AyMore Weight Or Mass Or Strength) Im 21 And Medically Im Perfectly Fit Minus A Hyper Thyroid Gland(Which I Take Medication For) OK, So After Couple Months Of Research Here Is What Ive Put Togther,STOP ME IF IM WRONG!!

Weeks 1-11 400mg Of Test Enth
Weeks 1-4 35 mgs day Of DBOL(<- Consirned_
weeks 1-10 200 mgs of Deca a week

weeks 14-16 start Clomid Therapy
[week one 100mg Each day, week 2 4 days @ 100 mg 3 days @ 50 mg week 3 all @ 50 mg a day]
weeks 1-16 Nolvadex 10 mg a day
weeks 1-16 Vitamen B6 300mg each day.

So MY Main Concerns, Like I Said Im Analbolic Steroid Virgin. So Am I Over dueing Or Under dueing? Forgetting Something In My Cycle?
Could Really Use Some Knowledgeable Incitiment, Thanks Justin-


im no AAS genius but you need to train longer and gain more weight before you throw in the anabolics.


Agreed, I was about 5'7 144 lean as a freshman in high school.


im no AAS genius either but heres what i think, just from my smal amount of experience and what ive read...

if i were you, for a first cycle i would grop the deca. with the dbol (and proper diet) you wont need it. not to mention that liked having a simple first cycle, that way i could tell more easily how my body was reacting to the different compounds. it will help make you more knowledgeable about putting together future cycles.

i would run test e 12-14 weeks
dbol is good at 35mg/ed weeks 1-4

as far as your post cycle therapy, ive never used clomid but ive had great recovery from tapered nolvadex 40/40/20/10 or 40/40/20/20
i woiuld have to do more research to give you advice about clomid. and when i used test e i started my pct two weeks after my last injection... is there a reason youre waiting 3 weeks. thats just my two cents off the top of my head...


dude, please change your avatar. Nobody wants to see your bare ass every time you post


Run this

Weeks 1-10
Test E 250mg 2x a week (monday friday) with 1g frontload on first shot.

Adex .25-.5mg EOD

Weeks 1-5
dbol 50mg ED

2 weeks after last shot nolva 40/40/20/20 with adex tapering off


I agree with above. You'll blow up with 500mg Test E a week and 50mg dbol

Leave out Deca until you've experienced Test only