Very Fatigued After a Workout, How to Handle It?

I workout 4 days a week only 45min -1hr each day but I often feel very fatigued after workout, how can i handle it?
I’m using creatine and whey protein only. is there any supplement to help?

Well thats probably a training problem. Cant tell, dont know what’s your programing and intensity(do not post a list of exercises as that is not what i mean).

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Do you do any conditioning?


How is your diet?

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I have felt like that every workout for the last 6 weeks. But that was probably because I was running super squats. Maybe you are just training really hard ?

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I’ve always taken this to be a sign of a good workout tbh. I mean if I don’t feel this way after I train, did I really train?

Had you ever felt reasonably okay after your workout?
If so, what has changed?

How long does the fatigue feeling last?
I would think a taxing workout should cause you to feel fatigued, but it should only last 30 minutes at most.