Very Fast Dumbell Benching

Hello CT,

a short question if you don’t mind.

I bench twice a week and near the end of each bench workout I do 3-4 sets light Dumbell benching. I do them very fast 30 reps in around 20 seconds. I try to generate as much power as I can, pushing them up and pulling them down (while still trying to use my pecs, tris, delts). The weight is not very heavy for me and I go to “failure” that means after around 25-30 reps I can’t fully extend my arms anymore.

What does this train ? Does it help me to bench more or does it a good job at building muscle ? For strenght should I switch to a bodybuilding Dumbell bench press style with slow reps ?

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I do that too. It wont directly make you bench more but indirectly yes. It will increase tendons resiliency which can eventually help you bench more by storing more elastic energy during the eccentric. And it can contribute to building some muscle,

I see thank you CT for your response !