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VERY Exp Teen


Ok let me give you a little background info about myself. I am 18, i have been working out seriously for 4 years now. It has been my number 1 priorty, ive gained 60 lbs so far. I am now 215 i started at 150. I bench over 300, squat 350 (yes i know low) and dl 400ish. I hit puburty in 6th grade. I have done my research and almost everyone says wait until i am 21, because i am not done with puburty. Since i hit it soon, would it be safe/smart to start early. Maybe 19?

Thanks for input, i know strong first post, hope you guys dont think i am a troll


Everything says wait until 25, not 21. Your natural Test is still high. If you're making such good progress, whats the problem?


Eh I dont know, just that a lot of big powerlifters and bb start in their teens, and to even have a shot at future sucess in the sport i feel as if i have to start young


Lots of assumptions in this post.

The risk reward ratio is not good at your age. Not good at all.

21 is still young.

Furthermore you dont even know if you will respond well or not or if you you'll have a high tolerance for side effects. Simply not wise to risk using earlier than you NEED to. Wait a few more years and take that time to develop your training methods.


ok thanks for input everyone, i am getting good results as it is, might as well just wait it out a few years


Erm, what are your goals with your training?

Do you wish to be a pro bodybulder? strongman?

Are you just traning for the sake of it?

Like if your fully intent on being mr. olympia in 10-15 years it might be worth the risk, but if you dont plan on usng your training as your job/life then why risk it?

Also, photos?