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Very Elevated PSA Post Cycle

Hey everyone, hoping to get some advice. 32 year old male, been on TRT for about the last 2 years. Did my first cycle [500 mg test for 9 weeks]. Was planned for a 12 week cycle, but cut short due to corona. The issue is that when I switched back to my normal TRT dose [120mg per week], I messed up the dosing and ended up accidentally doubling my dose, so I’ve been running 240 a week for the last 6 weeks without realizing, until my tests came back sky high. Essentially, with the error I ended up running 500mg a week for 9 weeks followed by another 240mg for 6 weeks

I went into my docs to get my post cycle labs as I thought I had given myself a full 6 weeks for my numbers to reset, totally unaware I was doubling my dose without realizing… the following results came back

Total test: 1,351 <range of 264-916>
Estrogen: 69.8 <range of 7-42>
PSA: 8.1 <range of 0-4>

I know my test and E are elevated because I’m an idiot and messed up my dosing… however I am absolutely terrified at the PSA reading. Throughout my time on TRT I have ranged from 1.4-1.9, never any higher. I did also have a lot of sex the night before the tests being done and also the morning of, so I know that can effect it, but only a small amount. Has anyone experienced a spike this high in PSA following a cycle?

Could be many things causing it, including lab error, but it’s worth getting checked by your doctor since in the unlikely case you do have prostate cancer it’s better to catch it as early as possible. I’ve cycled many times over the last decade and never had a high PSA test.

Relax. Repeat the test. Absolutely NO sexual activity 48 prior to PSA. Known to elevate PSA but only slightly. Good wishes. Been down the high PSA road myself.

Did your spike from AAS use?

No. Mine turned out to be a noninflammatory type of prostatitis. Treated
with a month of Cipro and levels returned to normal.

What type of testosterone were you taking? Was it sustanon?

I did a mini cycle of Sustanon250mg/wk, my Dr wanted to give me a yearly blood test. I said the levels are probably a bit elevated, as I was taking a bit more than the usual(125mg week). I went back to my TRT dose, for about 6weeks, maybe even 8weeks. TRT usually puts me at 22-24 (max 28 for high normal range). Despite being back to normal dose for many weeks my test levels were 60. That isocaproate ester in Sustanon apparently hangs around for a real long time.
My PSA was considered high normal for my age group 1.1, normally around .85(max 2.2 for normal on this scale). So not massively high but I was taking much less than you.
Keep to just your TRT for several months and get retested again and see if your PSA level goes down.

If you do a cycle again, you could do your usual TRT, but add the rest of your mg/wk with a less androgenic steroid like EQ, and see if that helps to keep your PSA down.