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Very Effective & Simple Chest/Tricep Home Workout

Just wanted to share something for guys who don’t have any equipment at home.

This is extremely simple and will give a great pump.

For chest: We all know this, Elevated pushups.

Put your feet heightened on a bed or chair, arms regular to wide grip. Crank out as many as you can. 3 sets till failure, doesn’t matter if you can do only 10 or 70 reps, whatever you can do, just do it till failure. 1 to 2 minutes rest between sets.

Next combine these with regular pushups afterwards, same protocol. 3 sets till failure, 1 to 2 minutes rest between sets.

This is so simple, and yet so effective. It maybe gives an even greater pump than doing hardcore bench at the gym.

Rest a bit longer now if needed, then next up.

For Triceps:

Windowsill Overhead Tricep Extension: Stand about 2 steps away from the windowsill or (or table/cabinet, anything you can use)

Grab it firmly with your hands, let yourself drop till about your head reaches the same point as your hands or lower, then push back up. Its basically like doing a overhead cable tricep extension, but instead you are using your bodyweight and gravity.

You’ll be surprised at the pump from this. 3 Sets till failure, 1 to 2 minutes rest between sets.

Combine these with Diamond pushups afterwards, or if you can’t do diamond pushups, narrow regular pushups are fine. If you don’t have much strength left then do them on your knees instead of feet. Again 3 Sets till failure, 1 to 2 minutes rest.

Extremely simple, but the pump is insane!

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