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Very Complicated. Started TRT, 4 Injections In. Bloodwork

Im a 37 years old male, i started T, had 4 injections by now, 250 mg depo on each 10 days.

I got some benefits, but i dont feel the libido ones, and mood…here are my results, before and after…


Hemoglobin - 15.3 g/dl
hematocrit - 45.7 %
MCH - 28.1 pg/cell
RDW - 10.1 %
AST - 26.7 U/L
ALT - 27.8 U/L
Total cholesterol - 4.20 mmol/l
triglycerides - 0.91 mmol/l
creatinine - 61.1 umol/l
serum iron - 18.7 umol/l

hBa1c - 5.2 %
LP(a) - 0.102 g/L
calcium serum - 2.53 mmol/l
phosporous - mmol/l
Feritin - 73.0 ng/ml

E2 - 38.0 (EACLIA) there is no other method in my country, i know i know…
SHBG - 36.3 nmol/l (EACLIA)
Testosterone total (EACLIA) (there is no other method in my country i know i know…)
Vitamin D - 145 nmol/L (DCLIA)

HS CRP - 4.2 umol/l (EACLIA)
Fibirogen - 2.90 gl

Latests results, during cycle, 9th day after the shot…

Erytrocytes 5.49 /mm3
Hemoglobin 15.4 g/dl
haematocrit 46.2 %
MCV 84.2 µm3
RDWa 66.1 µm3
Erythrocytes sediment - 0.52 Flow Cyt

Triglycerides 0.45 mmol/L <1.7 TGL
Cholesterol total 4.6 mmol/L
Creatinin (serum plasma) 67.5 µmol/L Jaffe
ASAT (GOT) 29.6 IU/L <37 IFCC kinetic
ALAT (GPT) 29.6 IU/L <65 IFCC kinetic

Serum Iron - 12.6 µmol/L 7.6 - 31.3 Ferene

E2 - 41.3 pg/ml (EACLIA)
Prolactin 9.05 ng/ml (EACLIA)
SHBG 22.6 nmol/L (EACLIA)
Testosterone total 37.3 (EACLIA)

  1. What can one do if they do not make sensitive E2 test? should i go on AI with this results?

I suffer from prostatis long term, and i also got IBS…not sure if they are connected, but sometimes after i take dump, the symptoms go away.

  1. Where i live there is no aromasin, or arimidex, only clomid is available or tamoxifen, should i go with them or nothing at all? thanks alot…

Your levels are way too high and your protocol is terrible, you have low SHBG and need to break those shots up into smaller ones. When one injects testosterone once weekly it induces highs followed by lows later in the week, you feel good in the beginning of the week and run down by the end. You’re injecting every 10 days which is even worse.

You would do well injecting Test EOD, I would start by doing 25mg EOD. When one injects huge dosages infrequently, you will get large testosterone and estrogen spikes and over time it will get out of hand. It will also drive up hematocrit to the point of you having to be pulled off TRT by your doctor.


Hi, thanks so much for the answer, keep in mind in new to this, and its very confusing!

What is EOD sorry, and is HCG also called pregnyl, if yes why do i need it sorry?

Should i go for the clomid route as well?

Also what can i do for the high E2/low SHGB?

Every other day = EOD. Let’s deal with high E2 when you have symptoms and labs indicating high estrogen. It took me quite awhile to grasp these new concepts when I first started this journey, give it time.

Losing body fat can help reduce or eliminate the need for an AI or estrogen blocker. Tamoxifen will block estrogen at the receptor but it does not lower estrogen.