Due to a minor middle ear infection I had a case of virtego yesterday
…so this whole going Virtego yesterday situation has me thinking… Maybe its time for me to take a break from workout routine and give my body a rest. I have been hitting the weights hard and trying to stick to my nutrition plan I setup.

I have been finding it hard to hard to wake up early in the mornings, when I used to be able to get up and just go. I was just never one to be able to tear my self away from lifting for that long.

Is there anything I can do to pass the time in between that will hopefully help me heal but still not make me feel like a lazy ass?

Or do I have to lay off completely?

Do I keep my nutrition calorie intake as high as it has been… about 3800 calories or do I take it down while taking the time off?

Btw…I just needed to add that I have made some gains since my last post to the work out gurus. I am currently at the weight of 192 at 12% bodyfat and strength is getting better and better every time. Not all the weight I wanted to gain but still…good gains in my humble opinion.

Perhaps you could simply have a “light” week and see how you feel.

If you are making progress and so on, you don’t want to just stop going, but you might be pushing a little.

Maybe you could keep doing what you are doing, but do one less set of everything, for example. Alternately, drop an isolation type lift near the end of your routine.

Maybe skip a day.

You’ll have to figure out how run down you are and what you need to do about it, but just realize there are lots of options available to you.

Sounds like your starting to burn out. What’s Your routine like? You could do lighter work like vroom suggested. Or take a week or a couple off, giving your body some time to recover, don’t radically change your diet if you do this, if your on 3800 drop it by a few hundred. Say to 3500 and rest. I’ve done this a few times, and by the time I come back after a couple of weeks often I surprise myself and find my strength has increased.