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Verticle Limit: DAYUM!!!!

Wanna know what I know about Mountainerring? Zero…

Wanna know what most Mountaineers thought “Verticle Limit” had to do with true Mountainerring? MINUS zero!

Jana wanted to see it…so we rented it. I couldn’t even go to the BATHROOM while it was playing! I thought that it was one of those things that Hollywood does well when it does it well…tells a compelling story that could have had almost any environment as the

My understanding is that it was a DIFFICULT movie to shoot…

Any Thoughts? I think it’s worth a rental if you’re in the mood…

Sorry Mufasa, but I honestly thought you were joking when I first started to read this thread. I thought Vertical Limit was one terrible movie. So bad, it’s even funny. Nonetheless, I have many friends who have said the same thing you have, which is why I rented it. I just thought everything about it was cheesy-especially the old fart (can’t remember his real name…also in Backdraft…Patricia would know) who is the feared authority on climbing, kind of the “Quint” of the movie; Bill Paxton was a major dork; the two brothers who were supposed to be funny were actually incredibly lame; and the O’Donnell guy was a cheeseball as well. Sorry man. Vertical Limit was a horrible movie in my opinion.

I thought the action and special effects were great, but the plot really sucked.

I didn’t see Vertical Limit. But could you be referring (old fart), to Scott Glenn?

I have some mountaineering experience Graduated the Seattle mountaineers Intermediate climbing course Which is their leadership training. Have summited Mt.Raineir twice (out of five attempts)And several of the the big glacier climbs in the northwest. I found the movie as far as mountaineering realism to be horrible. Climbing techniques and gear that made no sense. I only saw it once and do not remember too many technical details but in the begining of the movie when the dad, daughter and son are all rock climbing they had three people on one rope. No uh-uh doesn’t work that way. One lead climber and one follower to belay and clean the gear that the leader places. This is the only example I can remember now but I do remember being disgusted with amount of stupid stuff like that. As movie watcher I am no expert but I thought the effects were pretty bad. The hawk or whatever raptor thay had flying around somewhere near the begining of the movie was so obviously superimposed in the image that I would not think a movie with any budget at all would let it get past editing. The scenes of the Supposed Nepal Khombu glacier area looked like the back drop form a high school play. I thought the script had possibilities but was poorly executed on several levels.

Yeah…the movie was panned pretty badly from all fronts…!

They say “ignorance is bliss”…and BOY do I admit ignorance of mountainerring…maybe that’s one reason I was “tolaerated?” the movie…

Boy…“Happy Keys…!”

“…that’s probably why I “tolerated?” the movie…”

Well, I never saw Vertical Limit, but I have Cliffhanger on VHS. Aside from Sly’s normal line delivery (think Rambo 3 remade on a mountain), some of the totally impossible survival situations just made me laugh. Don’t know if VL is anywhere near that. And I also have no real climbing experience.

Bingo-that’s it Patricia. All I remembered was “Scott” was in his name. Besides this role, I enjoyed his other work. He’s a talented actor.

I watched V.L and it wasn;t bad, but all I could think about the whole time is how ridiculous some of the climbing scenes were. My “favorite:” The main character (Robin) has to cross a huge crevasse, so he takes a running start and leaps across, digging his ice axes into the other side. 1- he is at something like 26,000 ft. (guess). Man, I wish I could run at 26,000 ft. 2- No way you could stick your axes in enough so stop the full force of your body from continuing to fall.

I guess if you can sit back and relax and not think about those sort of things, which I can’t, but I wish I could, the movie would have been good.

Climbing really has it’s own language. I think experienced climbers like to baffle newbies with the their jargon. The worst climbing move I ever saw on film was Tom Cruise in Mission impossible 2. The one when rock climbing he ends up with his back on the rock both arms extended out. Jeez, of course he is doing this free solo (no rope hence no belay)

I’m afraid of heights…all this talk about mountain climbing is giving me the jitters…