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Verticle Jump Bible and Rippetoes


Hi, I was just wondering if I could do Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength with Verticle Jump Bible(I am currently on the Phase 2 Novice program). Also in Verticle Jump Bible would I progress through the programs weekly like phase 1-1week, phase 2 1 week , and etc..
My week would look like this:-
Monday- Rippetoe
Wednesday- Rest


If you're going to use VJB just use the novice strength program combined with you plyometric routine. It is made to work like that.


Well thing is I wanna do Rippetoes then progress to other strength programs to strengthen my body so later on I can powerlift aswell. Mainly recrational. But thing is I have my eyes set on dunking for now haha.


Then don't do the plyos from VJB, make a choice. The best choice is to combine the plyos from VJB and the novice weights routine. Hundreds of people who have never lifted before have done that with success. If you are concerned about the lack of upper body go to www.higher-faster-sports.com and look up the article about the "ultimate split." It's by the same guy who wrote VJB.


that is too much ..something like this would work better imo..

Tues-rest or core work dynamic flexibity
Weds- Sprints..weights
Thurs-rest or core work dynamic flexibility
Fri Plyo Weights
Sat-rest or core work dynamic flexibility


i def. agree with dan1990, going at it hard 6 of 7 days won't work, it's better to group hard workouts on the same day


Well I'd like to provide more info. Thing is I don't have the time to do 2 workouts on 1 day. Because I'm 17 and have school in the morning so if I were to group the workouts I'd have to do like 1 in the afternoon and 1 in the evening. And well I really have my mind set to trying to do VJB and Rippetoes unless it really is a bad idea.

Because I want to get the strength and try power lifting later on. And I've only been doing Rippetoes for about 2 1/2 months so far. Well hopefully I get more input. Thanks tho and well if its a bad idea for me to try to do both and sprinting. I'll probably just listen and do whats right so I don't get injured or something.


Here's my input,

Believe it or not you can build a foundation of strength by squatting, DL, presses, and row variations only. Don't use a belt ease into the weights. If you are relatively new to lifting I would recommend about 3 months of higher rep work start at 20 reps for everything and work your way down month by month while increasing your lifting weight.

I know that high reps aren't always popular with some folks but this will build a solid foundation of technique and strength. Once you have completed the three months go into a 5x5 style of training with an emphasis on recovery from workouts and not doing crazy high volume.
Regarding vertical jump,

Can you see your abs? if not change your diet. Cut out some of your carbs maybe add some protein as I have no idea what you are eating. Short sprints and low rep plyometrics 2-3 times per week can work wonders for jumping ability as you are developing your strength.

At times I did neither and could still dunk with two hands jumping straight up with no step, DL-SQ-PC, but I had a base of strength already and y heaviest dunking body weight was 265. Decide what you need to work on and concentrate on that while also continuing to develop what your good at i.e. strength vs. speed.

Good luck.