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i'm 5'9-5'10 (5'9 3/4 to be exact)

I can't dunk really...I can touch rim and almost grab it...

my question is what would that make my vertical leap?


We would have to know your reach to tell you your vertical.


I'm 5'8". My reach is approximately 7'4". The rim is 10 feet. 10 feet minus 7'4" = 2 feet 8 inches or 32 inches.

That is touching the rim. Add another 4-6 inches (I use to be able to dunk a tennis ball and volleyball), that gives me about 36-38" (conservatively) at my peak vertical.


Are you taking a step? I would bet your taking a step into the jump, and if you are thats not a true vertical. Stand and reach as high as you can on a wall elevating the shoulder and everything to get your hand as high as possible with both feet flat on the ground. Then jump and touch a point directly above the one you just made without taking as step, hop or anything..just down and up. That is your vertical.


A kid at my highschool lost his finger when he tried to dunk and grabbed the net instead.

Just thought I'd give an encouraging word!


Did he ever find his finger?


I'm sure USC has one of these. Go find it and use it.

Anyways, a good way for you to test yourself with out this fancy piece of equip is to hold a ruler in your hand. Reach for the ceiling while keeping your feet flat. Touch the top of the ruler to the ceiling. If there was 6 inches left on the ruler then your reach is 90" (7.5'). If you can barely knick the rim you have a 30" vert (120"-90"). If you are 2 inches over the rim it is 32". Now go try the ceiling/ruler test to determine your reach.



I haven't tested my vertical jump either, but you and I are the same height and weight. Here's a recent picture. I can grab the rim half way up my palm.

I'm guessing 35-40 depending on your arms-length reach.



Yea I'm not talking about with a step
Just hand up, squat down super fast and leap.

My vert is getting tested along with my 40 on march 7th (my birthday yay haha) so I wanted to know kind of where I was at.

I think it's about 34-35inches


Are you doing anything specific for your vert? Plyos etc.

Box jumps are one of my favorites.


Just mark your reach on a wall and put some chalk or ink or something on your fingertips. Standing sideways to the wall jump straight up (no approach) and slap that wall. Measure and you're done.



Do you mean a 40 inch vertical? Unless we're talking some verrrrrrrrry short arms, anybody at your or Xen's height would be able to do way more than grab rim with that type of vertical.

Spud Webb was only 5'7, and his 47" vertical was out of this world, and won him an NBA dunking title.

Anyway, a very easy way to test it is to find a tall, flat wall, wrap some tape inside-out around your finger tips, and reach as high as you can and put it on the wall.

Then, repeat the process, but jump up as high as you can and slap the tape on onto the wall. Grab a ladder, and measure the distance between them: that's your vertical, more or less...


And here I was going to suggest he wipe some marker on his fingers and mark up the wall or something.

Tape is such a better idea. =D


Box Squats, Jump Squats, Jerks, dumbbell swings, depth jumps


At 5'9 3/4" your reach is probably about 7'6" if you have average-length arms. So a 30" vertical would allow you to just touch the rim. 35" would get the center of your palm to the rim.


Chalk is a good idea too.




I'm 6'1 1/2 and my stand and reach is 8 feet. I have pretty long arms but not super long arms. My arms come 6 inches short of my knees when I let them hang down but I've known some people who's arms nearly or did touch their knees when hanging down.

I can stand still w/no step and grab rim easy and maybe a little higher. I can probably reach 10'6 at my highest jump which means my vertical is 30 inches (10'6 minus 8= 2 1/2 feet). I'd like a 36 inch vertical though and be able to touch 11 feet standing still w/no step.

How long are your arms? Short, medium, etc?

You only need about 3-4 inches extra to be able to grab rim so if you can touch rim but not grab it and hang on it, then you are probably getting 10'1 or 10'2 which means your vertical is more like 30 inches not 35 inches unless you have really short arms.


I'm guessing your vert is between 32 and 35 inches.. which is pretty good. I recently measured mine and it was 33 inches but I'm 6'6" so I can't help you on a comparison to a basketball net.


Very true. I'm sure 40 was over-shooting it. I got mine tested today. 34 inches.



I can dunk if i run to it... so i'll say 35 but from a standing jump i'm touchin rim, i can put like my middle finger over it...