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Vertical Pulling Complex - Any Thoughts?


This was my 3rd round of my vertical pulling complex (video coming soon). I did 5 total, followed by an Hypertrophy complex which was 3 exercises for 4 rounds. The hypertrophy set as little to no rest in between its sets. Variations of tricep exercises were used as active rest. Let me know what you guys think.

I tried to make this first complex similar to the style of the star complexes CT created.

Complex A: 5 rounds
Weighted Pullup: 3-5x60lbs
Banded Pullup: 5-7
Explosive Nuetral grip pullup: 8-10
Speed Res Band lateral pull downs: 30 reps ASAP
Isometric Pullup: 3x5sec hold
Active rest for 3rd: Lying DB tricep exstentions

Complex B: 4 rounds
Wide Grip Pullup: 8-10
single arm lateral pull downs with 2 sec squeeze: 8 each arm
supinated close grip pullup:5/7
core exercise: varied by round