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Vertical Jumps

Hey CT,

I have some issues with vertical jumps. At about 0:30 of this video I do some verticals.

The video is from my first time back to jumps in quite a while and I’m very unexplosive and uncoordinated. Still, I’m not really sure what’s going on. I seem to be doing a sort of hybrid broad jump/vertical jump? haha

Could the problem be weak quads relative to posterior chain? Should my weight be on my heels as I start to jump? I don’t really know even what questions to ask, I just know that my jumps suck :slight_smile:

If it helps, here’s a video of me doing some broad jumps on the same day. At 0:25

Thanks for your time and help.

  1. You are just getting back into jumping, it’s normal to feel weird an uncoordinated, happens to me when I get back to jumping too. The more you will practice, the more your timing will come back.

  2. You are bending forward way too much on the dip down. As a result you are basically jumping via a lower back whipping action, with some hip drive. Yes you should bend forward, but you should always have the chest pointing forward. So more knee bend, less trunk bend.

Now, you WILL feel less explosive doing it like that. But you will not. See, when you whip yourself up like that, the head travels a much greater distance (because it starts lower) and gives you the illusion of more speed and height. But its just an illusion.

Thanks a lot, thats very helpful!