Vertical Jump

Hey guys thanks for looking. I got two vertical programs im looking at one is Ian KingsL:

What do you guys think of that program? Do you think it will provide signifigant results? Also Joe Defranco has a 6 week vert program:

Comparing those two which one do you think will provide better results? I also dont understand how to do Ian Kings Depth Jumps? when you jump of the first box do u land betwen the two boxes or do you land beside both of them? Thanks for your advidce opinions.

Ian kings lacks any direct hamstring work. I did a program similar to his but added straight legged dead lifts and good mornings and my vert went up from a 32 to a 38 inch.

that sounds like a good idea… so i was doing Ian Kings program where could i add in the straight legged deadlifts and good morning?


how about not doing something cookie cutter?

listen and learn