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Vertical Jump World Record (50


Vertfreak101 dunker Adam Likenauger 5ft 10 hits his head on the rim..Could be WR for highest Vertical Jump..i havent seen anybody jump higher


Why is everyone so obsessed with the veritcal jump? Are there any vert-only contests?


besides olympic high jump?
vert jump is good for sports like basketball and volleyball, advantageous if you're a field catcher in baseball.

its pretty important in alot of sports....


I'm not disputing that, but it seems like latley there has been a whole bunch of vids of guys jumping around seeing how close they can get thier heads to the rim. Just seems kinda wierd. Also the guy in the vid does'nt seem to be breaking any world records.

P.S. nice avatar dude!!!!!!


haha...thanks. not as good as bears riding on horses tho...

and about the vids.... to be honest i have no idea. u know how us guys roll... we always end up investing time in some weird or pointless contests. vert jumps with head touching rim, seems kinda pointless but at the same time would be beneficial for the above sports.


Dude, that's Prof. X's avatar!

Back on topic: WHITEBOI GOT UPS!


LOL...naw thats Luke Cage man...hahaha


getthehit, the vertical jump is very important in a lot of sports like ryuken mentioned. also, the vertical jump is the perfect test for lower body explosiveness as to have a high vert u must be very fast and strong


Check out the pics of SquatDr. jumping. I believe he's 5'9" and he's jumping off two feet. His standing vert was 50", and his running two foot vert was nearly 55 I believe. It was sick. What an amazing athlete. I think he's from South Dakota.



people who train for dunking/vertical are just wiggers 95% of the time


there are athletes with an explosive lower body, but not a high vert


people who post stuff like this are 95% under the age of 14...


Nothing wrong with people training to improve their vertical jump..vertical jump vital in basketball,volleyball etc...


I don't think is is a world record for a RVJ, since I now Holm jumps the same at least, if not 1-2" more now.


are you kidding man? heh

a-link can definitely jump.. he is up there with the best right now.. but t-dub = 5'9 jumps higher.. area51 = 5'7 jumps higher.

i just don't get why you would throw the phrase "world record" out there considering how many other guys jump higher.



ekrim, i don't no any athletes with an explosive lower body and not a high vert?


ekrim has a complex, probably molested by some wiggers who could jump real high and trained for it...


.7 years old? damn!