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Vertical Jump Training??


Hey hope y'all are doing good,

The buttom line is, I have been training for vertical in about 8 mounths now. My vertical is laying about 35 inches, so thats not some thing amazing. I have been doing the "The Vertical Jump Bible Strengh program" (or what ever its called) and i gained about 7 inches. After that i have just done some random shit.

I am now searching for a new good program, that can help me gain more then as much inches as possible in about 12 weeks. Before i shall go to national pratice in the end of april. So i can make it to EM. So somebody have a program or some advise??


you jump 35 inches and that's not much?


Yeah, that's an awesome jump!!

You don't have to stop here, though.. xD

If vert jump bible gave you such good gains, why don't you do it again?


I not sure it will work if i do it again. Because that was the first i done, when i begin training.


Yessss. VJ thread. Let's do this!

P.S. Do Air Alert, but double the volume. You'll probably be jumping 40" after another 3 weeks but you gotta take the creatine and drink plenty of water.


On these programs if you do them again, after some maintenance there is usually more to gain.

If your 35" might as well keep going till your 40".

I have no doubt that you'll get another 3 or 4" in another 8 weeks of program.


More is better. I say triple the volume for triple the results. I disagree about taking creatinoids though.

Seriously though OP, you will need to give way more information if you want any decent advice.


depth jumps


I'm with you on that one :wink:


My advice as always:

-keep it simple
-full squat
-snatch deadlift
-hit 2x bodyweight in each, then focus on depth jumps and maintain strength

as for the strength part, there are loads of articles here. also, what vertical jump bible workout did you do? There are a lot of workouts in there. What are your stats now?

max full squat
max snatch deadlift
depth jumps stats you got from the vertical jump bible (the reactivity tests)


Hey av,

Just interested: is there any particular reason you recomend snatch grip deads over conventional deads?

Is it due to the increased ROM?



yup, increased rom, less CNS stress (in my opinion) because of the decreased weight, and a bit more leg work instead of more back. And they're good for huge traps and upper back too!


Makes sense!

I much prefere snatch grip deads for the reasons you listed. I had not considered the stress placed on the CNS though!


one of the major necessities for a good vert is the elasticity of your muscles and your achilles tendon. Like one coach told me think about the kangaroo- great jumpers, skinny legs, but the longest achilles of any animal. one thing you can do is rhythm squats. They talk about them in this article.


(sidenote: i'm interested in the vert jump bible program. would you recommend it?)


Good shout Bart!

Yeah i second an interest in the vert jump bible!

Ive gotta be honest when i go to look at it here http://www.higher-faster-sports.com/verticaljump.html

im kinda put off as it reminds me of one of those tacky one uber long page ads for some sort of ab device.

No doubt kelly knows his stuff though!!


Haha yeah that's why I was a little apprehensive. Looks like one of those tv infomercial products.

Thanks for the info I'm definitely gonna try it out.


Height: 5"6
Weight: 136 Ibs.
Max full squat: 187 Ibs.
Max Deadlift: 220 Ibs.
Vertical Jump Running: 35 inch
Vertical jump Standing: 33 inch

Sorry, i have write down my depth jump and my Snatch Deadlift. But I dont know where it is. I will test it tomorrow again..


Don't worry about achilles length, as your not going to lengthen it.

What you can do is improve the passive stiffness of your muscles, stiffen your tendons, strengthen opposing muscle groups for stability, and improve your ability to store and express explosive power.

Thats what this work is about.

There have been atheletes that break the mold that have achieved the vertical and speed that many are looking for.

Oh, it would also be good to add power cleans.

Make sure you drink a shake and amino acids after your session.


I've olympic lifted in the past, the power clean is my favorite lift but I'd recommend against it in this case. Jumping can achieve pretty much the same, and unless the kid has coaching, bad technique in the power clean is more common than good.


I would recommend just getting stronger as well. My squat and deads have gotten stronger and my vert has gone up. I am able to grab a standard basketball rim with both hands off both feet at a bw of 265 and height of 6'2. The last body weight I could touch the rim with 2 hands at is around 225. Just get stronger, jump a lot, and watch your diet.