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Vertical Jump Training For Taller Athletes

For trainees like me who seem to always stress the posterior chain and/or core at least as much as the quads (usually more)in any squat variation due to limb and torso ratios (I realize that flexibility and core strength are also issues, but let’s assume they are up to par for the sake of argument), would the vertical jump be optimized by focusing on functional excercises and stances with the most quad involvment, either because
a) past training history has favored the posterior chain/core due to the person’s build, or
b) these quad-focused exercises would more closely mimic recruitment patterns of this type of person’s vertical jump.

I’ve noticed that although my vertical jump isn’t that good, my “first step” explosiveness (more posterior chain involvement) is much quicker than most people with a similar or better vertical than mine. From my own limited experience, it seems that squats have far less functional carryover to my vertical than one-legged excercises and hex-bar deadlifts, which allow, at least for me, greater recruitment of the quads.


what is your squat 1RM?
what is your stiff-legged deadlift 1RM?
What is your height, bodyweight?
What is your bodyfat%?

Vertical jump is posterior chain dominant movement to begin with, posterior chain not the quads are responsible for hips extension. So if you weight 160, are 6"0 with 5% bodyfat and stiff-legged deadlift from the floor 500pounds 1RM, then it’s your speed-strength, not your relative strength that sucks!

Keep fighting

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Joe DeFranco has a good article on improving one’s vertical on his site,
Are you doing fast lifting–olympic lifts and variations, speed squats, etc.?

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