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Vertical Jump Program


Can anyone post a link to a good vertical jump training program such as Air Alert or something similar to it?


They're all shit. Vert is almost totally genetic. If you're doing deads and squats and practicing your jump test regularly, there's very little else you will benefit from. The elaborate plyo routines are all shit, they just exist as a result of the fact that they're a huge market for misleading gullible high school kids like I was 10 years ago.


yes, of course:


There is a thread called (try and stay with me) Vertical Jump and Sprint Speed Thread. More than 200 posts. Search!


Air alert? Bwahahahahah!!!


here is a good program -

get your legs and hips as big and strong as possible with low bar full squats. Keep going until you hit 3x bodyweight
Do some standing and seated calf raises

practise jumping

cut back and deload the squats for a few weaks to peak your jump

get your bodyfat under 12% for max height



Clean and jerk is the best way to a superb vertical. Olympic athletes that compete in the Clean and Jerk usually measure with the highest verticals of any athletes. Look it up.


Or maybe it's the snatching they do?
Or all the squatting they do?
Or maybe they are just naturally good jumpers?

Don't sell off your advice as facts


Wise words here.


Where did I state that it was a fact? That is my opinion through my own research. I gave my opinion then told him to look it up if he didn't want to take my word. Next time you should think about answering the original post rather than trying to bust my balls.


Right here

EDIT: and I'm not trying to bust your balls. I just didn't want the OP to think there was one "best" way of going about improving his vertical


Its true that Olympic Lifters have the best verts you can find, but the problem with this approach is that it is very hard to become a proficient Olympic Lifter.

I recommend getting to the point where you are very good at deadlifts. This means you should feel them right in your ass, no if ands or butts (pardon the pun).

If you dont feel your ass on deadlifts you either have shit form, are lifting a weight too heavy for your back or hands to handle, have poor flexibility in the hamstrings glutes, hip external rotators, (or a combination of the three).

The key to jumping high is your ass man, get that shit flexible, activated and strong and you will fly.


The Vertical Bible by Kelly Baggett


do you people think competitive olympic lifters would have bad vertical jumps? maybe a few, koz they just suck at jumping but........ or maybe they are superheavy with only 30+" verts (which is still insane).

if you were going to screen 1,000,000 13 year olds to become olympic weightlifters, what would one of your main criteria be?

answer: vertical jump

so then you go and test a bulgarian weightlifting team, and find out they all have great verts, so you attribute it to oly lifting... but then you remember they screen athletes when they are young so that they find the best genetic talent... or even if they don't screen, the most explosive athletes naturally will excel at this sport anyway - so they develop the best.

then you also realize most are roided up which helped them push their squats up another 100-200 pounds.. which is going to make their verts even more psychotic.

then we tell people "to do olympic lifts because olympic lifters have big verts"..



Feel free to look it up my friend. In general, most "clean and jerk" athletes have on average, better verticals than any other athletes. Nice theory though.


Here we go again...

What goes first, the chicken or the egg?

Nymphetamine, have you ever read any of Kelly Baggett's, Joe Defranco's or James "The Thinker" Smith articles, just to name a few, that revolve around the controversy between vert jumps and oly lifting?


No, I haven't. Good read? I'm not saying the only exercise to increase your vertical is "clean and jerk." There are plenty of other drills/exercises you can do to increase your vertical but in MY opinion the best exercise for this would be "clean and jerk."


Really good read for sure!

As for the clean and jerk, well, you have made your opinion clear. No problem at all man, it's a great exercise and I enjoy doing it from time to time.

In my experience, though, I've found that the best way to improve your vert is to up your maximal strength (squats, deads...) while practicing jumping and sprinting.

Still, I train the hang snatch and the hang clean, but that's because I train with minimal equipment (a rack, barbell, dumbells and weights) and I love time efficient workouts.

I do not consider the oly lifts as a necessity, but more of a choice. They are just one more tool you can use.


^^^ Right on, right on. I vary my training a lot. I'll get on kicks where I do a lot of heavy compound exercises for awhile or I'll do a lot of calisthenics or sprints etc... My training is all over the board and I just started doing clean and jerks for the first time about 2 months ago and I think I am just highly optimistic about my results. I definitely train to increase my athleticism more than anything else.


I agree in principal with this post, but I don't like seeing "Keep going until you hit 3x body weight". I don't think the majority of trainees can hit that. Having a goal that is likely out of reach is a recipe for injury. I think shorter term goals that are realistically obtainable would be more beneficial.