Vertical Jump Measure

Hey everyone!

I was wondering how you would measure an athletes VJ?
What methods are the best ones?
What do you think about devices such as the jump pad?

Can you measure the reactive jump test with such a device, too?



Vertec is a good device but fairly expensive. I have not used a jump pad but have heard fairly good things about it from those who have and most models are good for doing things like reactive jump tests.

If you are really stuck, just tape up a wall and put chalk on the fingers.

for measuring vertical the best is the one where you jump and hit the pins. Thats why million dollar leagues like nba and nfl use them.

The devices don’t always account for people that bend their knees as they come down,

what you mean bend their knees???

You can get false air time by raising your legs, they don’t hit the pad as soon.

mmh…well…hard to decide…since i need to be mobile with the deice i guess a just jump pad would work best if the jump is done correctly, right?