Vertical Jump and Oly Lifting

Now I can say from my own experience that oly lifts do increase vertical jump.
Before I could barely dunk a basketball (jumping from one leg), today I could dunk a basketball with two hands (jumping with two legs). I’m sure that 5 months of oly lifts, GMs, and especially squats contributed to this. Btw, i wasn’t doing any plyiometrics.

I had to share this to you guys, as I’m really happy because of this.

thats really cool. would you mind breaking down what you were doing exactly? what an average work week looked like?


Good job!!! I am interested to hear what you were doing as well. ON a side note when I used to play basketball in college I could jump higher when we did no plyometrics. Maybe it is because of the nature of the game (basketball is highly plyometric).
Great Job

Actually i have full training log, but it would take too much time to write it down.
Basically i had 4 sessions a week (2xC&J, 2Xsnatch). never more than 3 reps, working up to the maximum (it varied)
Assistance exercises:
-clean and snatch pulls (these were heavy), never more than 3 reps, 3-8sets
-squats: at first 4 times a week, but i cleary overtrained so now I’m doing them 1-2x a week (front/back squats)
-GMs: these were done explosive in eccentric phase (if this is a wrong expression, I mean going up)
-and a lot of pressing overhead (one session inclines db, next heavy m. presses), as I simply love overhead strength (and of course, love to have wide shoulders:))

That’s about that. And sometimes, if i wasn’t in a mood to lift i just did a few sets of C&J/ snatches (depending on the day) and maybe some triceps work…

I try to never go to failure, only supplements are creatin and vitamins.

This is my training so far. My lift numbers aren’t really high, but I’m improving each week.

Only concern is squat snatch tecnique, but I’m sure I can (and I will) learn the correct tecnnique.

If there’s anything else, feel free to ask.


Nothing to add really :slight_smile: I just couldn’t resist posting this picture of Dimas.

if you dont mind, what are your oly lift numbers in relation to your body weight?

% works too, if you dont want to give specifics.

[quote]slotan wrote:

Nothing to add really :slight_smile: I just couldn’t resist posting this picture of Dimas.[/quote]

i heard he changed his name to God.

My numers are:
-80 kg snatch (I never tried more, and I feel I could lift arond 90 kg, as the 80 kg snatch was actually a power snatch)
-100 kg C&J
-110 kg clean (this was also a power clean).
-my bodyweight is around 92-93 kg, and i’m 187 cm

So I feel I could lift around 115-120 kg in C&J and around 90 kg in snatch. With correct technique that is.

that pic is sweet:) damn, he’s like a grasshopper.

How tall are you and how much do you weigh?

187 cm, 92-93 kg (6’3, 202-205 lbs).

Hrastinek, that is awesome man. My goals since the beginning of the year were to compete in an OL meet, which I did! (85 kg. weight class and I hit a 67.5 kg. snatch (power) and a 92.5 C & J. I weighed freakin’ 83.5 kg. for the meet.

My other three goals for the year, I’m pursuing with reckless abandon now: 1. a 225 lb. clean, 2. dunk a basketball, and 3. 36" vertical. I’m 6’0" tall and about 190-192 now. I’m starting to incorporate plyos now into my training. Question though, how often were/are you playing basketball? Thanks man.


As far as basketball is concerned, I’ve maybe played it 2 times in last 5 monts (I am just focusing on my oly lifting and douing nothing else), but before I was playing it for 8 years.

Oh yeah. I forgot. I have a meet at the end of september, and national championship at the end of october. So my goals for the championship are 120+90.
wish me luck:)

Here I am front squatting. :wink:

It’s cool to hear from others who are just getting started in the sport. Right now my best lifts are a 74-75-kilo snatch (165 pounds) and a 97.5 kilo C+J (215) at just over 80 kilos, 183 centimeters (~180 pounds, 6’).

First meet in about 6 weeks; I should have the bodyweight snatch by then. Good luck, guys!

Ross, huge hamstrings and huge front squat you have there:)


Hrastnik, how old are you? Thanks.


I am 18.


I wish I knew at your age what I do now. I’m 35. I thought the bench press and the leg press were cool when I was 18. What did I know? Nothing! Just know that you are at a HUGE advantage over others because of your weightlifting training.


If only i knew then what i know now… I’m 25 and have only just discovered the olifts, i used to do ‘frankenstein’ training but thanks to Dan John’s website that has all changed.