Vertical Integration?

Hey T-Men,

I recently googled this term to find more about Charlie Francis’s Vertical Integration, but came up with nothing.

Would some one be kind of enough to point me in the right direction?


-The Truth

Charles Staley had an article here about “diagonal summation” that is VERY similar to vertical integration. So i’d start there if i were you

wtf? is this weightlifting or friggin maths?

it’s charlie frnacis’s peridozation model


haha yeah, kind figured that one out.

I combed his site for some more info, but came up with little or no info.

Would you mind explaining it in further detail?


-The Truth

As is daid start wit Charles Staleys Diagonal Summation Article found at T-Nation. there was a bit if a stink about it with some claiming it a ripoff of vertical integration.

Was it a rip off, eh who cares, but it should get you started

[quote]Kim Jong-il wrote:
wtf? is this weightlifting or friggin maths?

In the words of Ronald Reagan – “There you go again!”

Another example of Kim Jung-Ill’s really “positive” contribution to this site.