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Vertical,horizontal pushing/vertical horizontal pulling

I was just wondering if vertical pulling and pushing should be on the same day as horizontal pushing and pulling? Right now I do horizontal pushing and pulling on Tuesdays and vertical pushing and pulling on Fridays.

That sounds good. What are you doing for legs? If you are doing hip dominant one day and quad dominant another, I would space out the hip dominant day away from the horizontal push-pull because deadlifts tend to work many of the same upper back muscles that rows do. If you stick the deadlifts in on Thursday or Saturday, you should be ok.

I just started doing quad dominant exercises on Mondays and hip dominant on Thursdays. For a while it was the other way around.

That sounds like a good split, just make note rows tend to really hit the grip and the upper back muscles hard. Sometimes, it may be good to take the 2 day break between the horizontal push/pull and the hip dominant legs. Maybe, if you can, try to do that every other week or so. If you can’t, don’t sweat it.