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Vertical Diet - Stan Efferding


I’m kind of following it too, although i’ve Pretty much given up trying to work out what vegetables I can eat and just eat the meat and rice portion.

It’s something i’ll Need to address eventually for the sake of my long term health but for the time being it’s nice being able to slam the calories without feeling like my insides are going to explode out through my anus all day.


I’m doing this out of a hotel because of my job but basically the diet for me is:
1.5 Lbs ground sirloin grilled (foreman)
1 red pepper over 2-3 meals also grilled
1lb spinach over 2-3 meals nuked
2 90 sec jasmine rice bags nuked
1 sweet potato nuked
2 hard boiled eggs
12 oz oj not from concentrate
6 oz cranberry haven’t found any decent brands yet
Carrot yeah working on that too
Bout 8 gr iodized salt sprinkled on my food and including what’s already in the food as well
Comes in around
190 pro
300 carb
90 fat
2800 ish calories


I hate spinach. Kale is worse. Guess I’m going to be choking down soggy, bitter greens for the foreseeable future :upside_down_face:


Nice one are you bulking at the moment? 300 grams carbs that’s a fair bit.


Just giving myself some structure. I’m finishing up the undulating periodization program by CT and bought his 2A program to do next so just trying to keep the gains coming. I’ll reassess where I’m at after two weeks doing this.