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Vertical Diet - Stan Efferding


Just wondering do you guys salt all of your meats?


I salt meat, veggies, every meal. I was feeling a little off yesterday and I put some salt in my hand and just washed it down with a glass of water…

I’ve been sweating more during workouts and assume I need more salt. Not sure how to track salt intake…maybe I should do a blood test :joy:


Why would you not season your meat with salt, vertical diet or not? The only questionable thing about salt that Stan recommends is that you should have 8g per day, I have never heard anyone advise eating so much salt but maybe he is onto something.


You guys can check this video to see what Mike Israetel says about the vertical diet. You have to skip around to find it, I’m not going over it again. Basically he says (as Stan does as well) that there is nothing magical about it, it is just a diet that gives you all required nutrients and is specifically designed to reduce digestive issues. Digestive issues are more likely to be a problem if you are eating the massive quantities of food necessary to become a pro bodybuilder or WSM competitor. The main thing is getting sufficient macro and micronutrients in a manner that doesn’t mess up your belly, if it does then this is probably a great diet for you.



Salt makes meat 100x better. It’s like throwing money away if you don’t salt it.


Sure do. Even my ‘daily carrot’!

This is the main selling point for me. I’ve heard the word ‘bro science’ being banded about however I haven’t had any heartburn since I started it. I’ve tried a shit ton of dietary changes over the years however this is the first one that’s completely killed any sugar cravings. Greek yoghurt has become my ‘methadone’.

Throw in the fact that I’m bulk buying all my food from Aldi now thus saving a shit lot of cash in the process.


Yeah, I heard that Jordan Faggenbum character saying that there is no science behind anything Stan says and that anything associated with Mark Bell was broscience. First of all, that guy is an asshole and is trying to promote his own bullshit. Second, he must not have actually paid any attention to what Stan says about the vertical diet because much of what it is based on is in fact science-based. You could watch the video of his seminar in Iceland or buy the book if you have $100 to spend and see for yourself. There are plenty of things in there (like basing your diet on beef and rice) that are more based on anecdotal evidence than anything, but that doesn’t mean that the diet is nonsense. Personally, I’m not going to follow the vertical diet because I have no problems digesting the amount of food I eat and I have no plans to increase food volume. I already eat lots of steak and rice so it wouldn’t be a major change anyway.

Stan is getting a lot of publicity with this diet, obviously he knows how to promote himself and it appears that he has some kind of advertising/sponsorship deal with Costco and Cheesecake Factory, among others. Some people will see that and try to make a name for themselves by being the loudest voice attacking him.


That is the one thing I’ve noticed about this diet. It is a bulkers dream diet. After you meet the nutritional requirements (horizontal) you eat as much beef and rice as your calories can handle.

I’m glad I tried it. Just another tool in the tool box for me…


I couldn’t give a flying fuck what anyone says about this diet. I’ve dropped a few kg since I started it and haven’t even looked at a chocolate bar so it’s doing something right.

This industry is full of haters and bawbags. You just have to block out the white noise.


Everything that Stan proposes is logically reasoned from scientific facts. It is the most scientifically and internally consistent and supported nutritional plan for athletes promoted by anyone who has any real experience with athletes.

Its very consistent with the basic philosophy promoted by Nate

https://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/perfect-carb-for-lifters, as well as the scientifically supported “Perfect Health Diet”.

Scientifically, the key points are 1) low linoleic acid-focus on meat from ruminants (who’s long fermenting gut acts as a power filter and results in a fat content low in linoleic acid); 2) low lignin/lectin/allergenic/inflammatory starches like beans and grains; 3) carbs primarily from low inflammatory glucose polymers with moderate fructose containing carbs


i think that should honestly be the mindset on most things–just another tool to use, no sense in people being so dogmatic


I’m wondering, who is being dogmatic? If anything, it is an anti-dogmatic approach-find out what foods don’t work for you and keep them out. I don’t give Stan any credit for it by the way, as it is smack dab down the middle “paleo plus non-inflammatory starches for athletes.” I credit him for having absorbed the information and also understanding how to integrate it, but I didn’t realize he was somehow marketing it as his own work, other than that it is the approach he uses with clients. Has he published a book? I mean, the guy tells us all FOR FREE how to do the diet in pretty much complete detail so he’s not really doing a good job of marketing it if that is his goal. He’s pretty much giving it away in its entirety for free.

I personally knew nothing about him a few months ago. I basically watched his videos online waiting to see where he would screw up the reasoning, and he never did-for hours on end. What I see him as, is a VERY good student of nutritional science.


my comment wasn’t poised towards anyone. I love Stan and he is a role model for me in many ways. Now that i’m out in Vegas look forward to meeting him when I can.


There is an e-book available, it costs $100US. There are definitely some details that were not covered in depth in the seminar video and other things he has posted, but at least 90% of it is right there. Looking at the comments on his Instagram posts, it looks like there are plenty of people willing to pay for it, plus he also does online coaching and nutrition. Look him up, I’m pretty sure he’s the most expensive coach out there.

On top of that, he recommends blood test and the e-book gives specific directions of what should be tested for, plus the results are supposed to be sent to a specific medical company in which he is a shareholder. I don’t know what is going on behind the scenes but it looks to me that there is something happening and he stands to make a lot of money.


Something Stan posted today:
“Fad? Science? “The Vertical Diet and Peak Performance 2.0” is 50 pages with over 100 links to articles, research and videos discussing the science behind the program.”
“It’s NOT a diet, it’s a healthy lifestyle that prioritizes Gut Health, Immune system support and Hormone optimization using a diverse range of highly bioavailable, micronutrient dense foods.”


I’ve been on it for two weeks and I’ve had back to back workouts, yesterday and today. I feel like I could get up and do it again tonight. I feel fresh, recovered, like a beast. And this is from a 40+ year old. I can’t imagine how good a younger guy would feel.


I see a whole bunch of comments on his Instagram that sound like that, and that is the part I don’t really get. What about it makes you feel so good? Steak and rice? Cranberry juice? Maybe I’m missing something, to me it looks like a good diet for people who need to eat a ton of food and have problems digesting it. Were you guys just eating crap before, or some tilapia and egg white type of diet?


I think it’s the red meat, dropped all other proteins . The starch from the rice helps power through the workouts.


Before I ate chicken, brown rice, talipia, potatos (white, sweet), eggs, bacon, brocilli, cauli, beans, cheese, tons of variety.
I was thinking about this at the store. I think it is just due to all my micro nutrients being met consistently every day.

Maybe it’s all placebo. I’ve never seen his instagram page. He is a capitalist. And I’m sick of hearing about the kooler. (Dumbest idea ever). If it’s making him money awesome.

In the past I’ve done keto, restricted carbs, and full blown what ever. I’ve tracked calories, weighed everything. But this diet is just easy to follow and be consistent.

I’ve also been outside more due to the great weather. So it is possible it has nothing to do with the diet but increased vitamin D from more sunshine

Oh I usually drink coffee everyday. Today I poured the usually tumbler full and forgot to get a sip…


The best thing about this diet is adding broth to rice and meat. That’s friggin genius and takes a mundane chore and turns it into something that’s very manageable.