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Vertical Diet - Stan Efferding


Has anyone looked into or tried the vertical diet?


Looks boring and unnecessary. Just his spin on a bro diet. Steak and white rice.


There’s a Reddit thread in weight room that goes into it in a lot of detail. Looks like you’d have to re-mortgage your house to keep up with it😮


Lol, ya… He’s asking $100 on his site for the diet. It does seem pretty basic. Everyone is saying their energy is through the roof, though.


He’s doing something right… No denying his clients are seeing results. Does seem fairly basic, but he does say that himself in the pod-cast(s) with Mark Bell.


He goes though the majority of the diet in this video:


It’s just his take on Dave Pulcinella’s old “5 foods that work” diet (or was it 6? 4? I can’t remember now).

Really just a fairly obvious way of eating which I’d wager a lot, if not most, physique conscious people do. Eat the same shit that you know agrees with you day in, day out. For some people that list’ll be longer (due to digestive health) and for others it’ll be shorter.

Hell, 99% of the food I eat is:

White rice
Olive Oil

That’s 6 foods plus spices/herbs. Maybe I’ll start marketing the Yogi Vertical Diet.


There is literally no booze in that posted diet. Do you even care about your well-being?


visual aid.


Have been following this diet for a while around 3 months, coming from higher fat diet 100 grams carbs most days to 250 300, was a big change plenty of energy, body looks and feels fuller, and not much fat gain so far. I use lean red mince instead of steaks I just could not chew down that much steak. Its pretty plain but that’s fine with me, Stan is right about the rice its easy to absorb and low wind has to be white Jasmine seems best so far… Reckon most people would do okay on this diet especially people with gut issues. Getting plenty of fats from the red meat so there is no need to add any extra fats from olive oil coconut.


How do you eat steak for lunch (if you don’t have access to a fry pan at the time? Reheat steak? Seems a terrible way to eat it.


He recommends buying a meat grinder.


Cool, thanks everyone!


I eat it cold.


I find it’s okay if you cook it pretty rare and are careful not to over re-heat it.


He has a video on that, I haven’t watched it yet:

As far as I’m concerned, just about anything reheated wont taste as good as when it is first cooked no matter what you do. Sometimes I have some left over steak and I just put it in the microwave, it’s not great but it’s not terrible either. My steaks are always well done and well seasoned, if you like your steak rare then obviously it isn’t going to be rare anymore. If you are going to pre-cook everything then you might as well use ground beef (he also recommends lean ground beef and bison) because it seems like a waste to pre-cook a good steak with the intention of reheating it later.

I couldn’t eat that monster mash stuff unless I was starving. It looks like something my wife made for my kids when they first started eating solid foods.


Yep. I also mix it up in the rice so it makes like a steak steamed rice. Not a sock knocker offer, but imparts a little flavor.


This x100.

Without knowing it I have been following the diet for quite some time. My vertical was chicken and rice but, was able to start getting quality beef for almost the same price. One really does look different when eating mostly red meat.

My horizontal is a bit different but, Stan talks about how individual changes should be made based on response . I do not eat dairy and my go to fruits are berries.

At the end of the day it is much easier to stick to a few foods that you respond well to and make that the bulk of your diet.


Have to say that I’ve been following this diet for the last 3 weeks and have been loving it, mainly because it’s stopped the insane heartburn I was suffering for the last few months.


I’ve been doing this 2 weeks. Energy levels are through the roof. No coffee needed (I drink it anyway I like it).

After 2 weeks I still look toward my evening meal of red meat and rice with veggies. Sooo good.