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Vertical and Horizontal Pushing Strength


Hey Guys,

I've never really used a Westside, or I suppose it'd be more accurately called, conjugate approach to training.

I am quite interested in bodybuilding-type aesthetics as far as not having too much lower chest and having well developed deltoids. That being said, I'd like to increase both my bench press and overhead presses at the same time (in addition to lower body lifts).

I know that it is generally hard to make much progress in vertical and horizontal pressing at the same time, but tell me what you think of this idea.

  MONDAY ? MAX-EFFORT Bench and supplemental work



  THURSDAY ? REPETITION Vertical Press and supplemental work 




And every 2 weeks or so, I'd switch it up making the ME be vertical pressing and the RE be horizontal pressing. I thought that this may be a way to develop both at the same time, although obviously not as fast as I'd be able to if I just picked one.

I'd like to keep my options open for future stongman or powerlifting comps. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Hmm, interesting post. I don't have the experience with Westside either, so i can't say--except im definitely interested to hear what experienced westsiders have to say about this idea!





I actually think that would work very well, especially given how important the shoulders are for a raw lifter. In the EliteFTS article "Bench Like a Stripper" they recommend using an overhead press as a main supplemetary lift, so I don't think it will hinder your progress as much as you think.


I have seen westside modified for strongman training which basically just switches for a vertical press, so I would not see a problem with that set up. not extremely experienced with the framework but you might not want to have the ME days back to back. not sure if the EFS site has it or where I saw it but just google strongman and westside i think that is where I saw the setup. hope that helps a bit. BB


that is pretty much what i currently do, and i've been hitting pr's pretty consistently for both overhead and horizontal presses. in other words i think it works pretty well.