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Vert Training Thread 2.0


Looks like the old vert thread has reached its limit so I'll start another one. Here's the last video I posted:

and to answer the last question in the old thread so it doesnt get lost

I'm 5' 11"


Your leg presses look like a serious accident waiting to happen.

What's your reach?


How's it going?
I just read through the previous thread. Lots of good stuff in there. I hope this one gets the same love.

I'll throw in my story to get things going. Stats: 22 yo, 6'4", reach 6'4", 200lbs
I've been playing ball off and on since high school. I have been getting really serious about it since last September. I play a lot, about 4 times a week. Back in September I dunked in a university intramural game. However, my dad passed away due to a sudden heart attack in December and I stopped all weight training for a while. I haven't dunked since. I did keep playing ball, getting better, while getting weaker with less elevation. I don't get it, because for many playing ball alone helps their vertical. In my experience I find I need to be squatting/deadlifting heavy (for me) in order to be able to jump.

 Anywho, I'm back in the weight room now, as of June.  Time to get strong and add another direction to my game. UP, that is.  I'll be hopping on this program soon.  http://www.defrancostraining.com/ask_joe/archives/ask_joe_03-10-10.htm

I'll get some videos of some dunk attempts up in the next week or so when I'm in an open gym, just to establish a starting point.


bump :slightly_smiling:


Touched rim for first time in 2 years. Pretty pissed @ myself for letting myself fall off like i did. I use to be able to dunk a tennis ball(cant palm ball) at my "peak" a couple years ago, but at least i'm on the right path again .

5'9, white, short arms, small hands, bad knee, 235lbs... I got a lot working against me but my goal is to dunk before the year is over and i believe it is very easily attainable.

Everyone from the first vert thread was definitely some good motivation for me to get back at it. I hope this stays as active as the first did. Looking forward to more videos and hopefully one day ill be able to post my own.



couple of my jumps, first thread is gold, hopefully this is on the same level


I haven't been actively working my legs via weight training the last 8 weeks but have started playing basketball once a week. I think that helped put another inch on my vertical. I took a video of the jump. I wish I set the camera up to catch the entire homemade "vertec" but I guess I didn't think that far ahead. I set it up to 9'9 which gives me a vertical of 24" .I measured with a tape measure to double check.

I've got a feeling my verts really going to get up there once I lose all that extra 35 lbs chub.


Can I ask about the details of how you made the "vertec" ? Is it easily adjustable in 1 inch increments ? I would love to set something up like that for myself.



Sure. In it's most basic form it would be a 10ft long piece of 1.25" PVC pipe in a bucket of cement. It's absolute critical that the 10ft pipe is plumb (level vertically) when it sets in the concrete. The adjustable part is a PVC T . It should be one size bigger than the pipe so it can go over the 1.25" pipe and move up and down. So I believe the T is 1.5" going to .5" for the part you touch. So you'd also need about 3-4 feet of .5" PVC.

To make the measurement markings:

Set it up, measure it so the part you touch is 9 ft. Mark where the bottom of the T touches the 10ft pipe. You can than take off the T and mark the 10ft PVC inch by inch with a tape measure starting from the 9 ft mark.

To hold the T in place when your doing the jumps you can use any of the following:
1) Duct tape. Unpeel it and retape for each jump.
2) Drills ones in the pipe and T and make a hole for each inch (pain in the ass)
3) Buy a $2 clamp from home depot and let the T sit on top of the clamp.

For my setup, I chopped the 10ft PVC in half and used a coupler to connect the two 5 ft pieces. This makes it portable so it can fit in my car and garage.

PVC pipe is cheap as fuck. A 10ft piece is only $2.50. The coupler and T is like $1.50.


Here is the a T with the .5" stuck into it. So pretty much all you need is:

1 bucket
20 lbs of cement mix
1 10ft 1.25" PVC pipe
1.5" to .5" PVC T
3 to 4 ft .5" PVC pipe
a means of keeping the T at expected height (tape, clamp, screws etc)

1.25" PVC coupler of you want it to be portable.

Tools: a 4 foot level, drill/screw gun


"This thread has reached its maximum number of replies. Click HERE to start a new topic."

that is so stupid.. that thread was great, years of posts.

i really came to post my disgust with that, really lame, but since i'm here, i'll post a recent vid (edited) and raw footage of dunk session:

edited "mix":

raw footage of entire session, some real nice misses in there:

cool pic from a few days ago:

i'm still doing my thing, though, training has de-intensified hardcore.. trying to recover my body from all of the work i put in over march/april/may.. i love just doing the same ole` types of dunks, but, i like to do them at new parks etc.. i just like dunking at new parks for some reason, the change in scenery is fun, and their are so many parks in south florida.

glad people still jumping.



I'll tell you how to increase your vertical leap. Have an unexpected run in with a rattle snake. It happened to me yesterday. I swear, I jumped 5 ft straight up.

Now if I can find a way to get a bunch of rattlers around the hoop during basketball games I'll be dunking and rebounding over everyone all day errrryday.


that's called level-7 training, it is used in soviet russia.

google it -> "level-7 training ideas thread"



Posting from my phone so not sure how to post the vid, but uploaded a new dunk on my YouTube account tonight. I'll try and find somewhere to post the vid manana.



Damn WF I am jealous as hell, good shit.


Thanks man. I am determined to put down a lob 360 in the next 2 months, and I'm getting pretty close. More vids coming soon.


Who does that beat in your second vid? That shit jams.


its an old Blockhead beat, in the other news, grabbed the rim a while ago!


You know the name of the beat? Also, congrats on the rim grab.