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Vert Push/Pull and Shoulder Pain...

I know that too many pressing exercises in relation to pulling can wreck your shoulders so it comes as no surpise to me that when i do rows,face pulls, and rear delt flyes these feel the best of all)my posture and (deltoids ALWAYS feel better. However, dips and overhead presses-two exercises i like and WISH (my upper chest is really underdeveloped and do to the issue i am about to mention, i cannot really figure out how to get at them)) i could safely do-result in a burning like pain at the anterior deltoid and at times, a crackling popping sound if i move a certain way.

With that said, i have always loved doing pull ups (usually pronated grip) and figured (since they are a pulling movement)they would are great for my shoulders. I would always get a little soreness anteriorly but figured it was typical DOMS and didnt think much of it. So the other day i decided to give overheads one more shot and while alternating bewteen pull ups; “balancing” my vertical movements. Well let me say, my annterior delts do not feel nice AT ALL. So this got me thinking that my problem is not so much a pull/press imbalance (although it may be there i usually just stick to push ups, i dont care much for a huge chest just yet)but a problem with all movement with my arms overhead. If this is so, where do i begin? From what i have researched kyphotic posture may play a role as well as the function of the lats and the type of acromion process i have but i have been unable to get a solid picture of what is going. I was hoping some of you all here could point me in the right direction.