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Versabase Cream Instead of Injection?

Just curious if anyone has switched to doing the versabase cream instead of injections?
I heard Jay campbell and a few others raving about how much better it is, so had my interest piqued. But i cant find any pharmacies that take insurance, that offer it.
Anyone have any insight on this?

As far as I know, it is only available through compounding pharmacies.

The guys I see using a cream are adverse to injections, so I don’t think they necessarily switched to creams, but they do not seem to respond any differently.

Thats what i was wondering. They said the only benefit is not injecting yourself for the rest of your life. Which does make sense with scar tissue over 20years or more

These guys are afraid of needles, not scar tissue.

I think scar tissue can be a problem, usually due to poor technique, but overall, is greatly exaggerated. I just do not see it, even with guys who have been on AAS or TRT for thirty years.

I switched the other way around. Cream was too much of a hassle for me personally. I didn’t like having to worry about if I was going to swim, shower or sweating after applying and affecting absorption. When people also started saying you should apply twice daily I said screw that, and switched. Cream works but personally I feel better on injections and would rather inject the rest of my life versus slathering my balls with cream.