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Have any of you guys used the “Versa-Climbers” for any extended period of time? How do you rate them as an aerobic device?( They’ve been around gyms for years, but you never see ratings ,I guess, because they never took off in the home market. For those who don’t know, they are also called “Rock Climbers”; you step like a stepper while simutaneously flexing and extending your arms by way of hand grips). I’m sure most of you have seen them in a gym.

I’ve hopped on one from time to time, but never on a regular basis. I always liked having both my arms and legs involved in the activity. In general though, it’s just like any other cardio equipment. Exercise intensity is going to determine the training effect, not the device you are working on.

I used one frequently when I belonged to a ‘fancy’ gym in the past. I liked it a lot. You could modulate how much the work was shared between upper and lower body by your position on it and putting more effort into pushing and pulling rather than stepping. I felt it also developed functional endurance for pleasure trips involving biking and hiking.

The versaclimber is excellent, i used it a bunch when I was training for marathons. Folks don’t like it because it is hard.

Same with the concept2 rower. Great Machine, second to none. Most folks hate it because it is way too hard and will kick thier butts.

Yea…it really seems like it can be some intense exercise.

I think aerobics is like anything else in our training. “Mixing it up”/Periodization is a key…