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What do you T-people think of the Versa Climber for cardio? Have one & it’s a tuff workout! My best is just over 8 mins. with big strides. Tell me about how you use it & the results you have seen in yourself.

went from 280 to 220 in a matter of a couple of months using that thing back in college. I loved it! Looked for it to buy myself but was real expensive.
Me an a football buddy (he was 285) were finished withour careers and started meeting to do the versa climber every day. we started out only able to go about three minutes (that thing will kick your ass) we would alternated everyminute with long strides one and short, fast the other minute. I did this for a mont and built up to 25 minutes. Didn;t run the whole time I was Versa clibming and then one day I went for a long run with a buddy on a whim - easiest run I ever went on, no heavey breathing, no soreness, nada… The Versa Climb, my friend, is a real man’s cardio workout and will kick the ass of anyone who foolisholy thinks it is a whimpy cardio machine! Keep on climbing if you have one around - I wish I did!

I use to belong to a gym that had one. I guess I was the only one that used it, because they got rid of it a year after I joined. it was a great work out and since I climb, I used it twice a week.
Have though about building my own, but got to wait until I have a place with more room.
Best of Luck.

it is hard as hell.

Older Lifter: how would you go about building your own? Please explain. Thanks. - Tyler

What’s Cardio?

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