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Vernon Forrest Dead


Shot to death. Was a good guy did a lot of work with kids especially underprivileged and disabled kids. What is going on lately?


Wow, just saw this on Yahoo Sports. CRAZY! Wasn't he trained by Buddy Mcgirt who trained Gatti? I still can't believe what happend to Arturo. :frowning:



How come it's not fucking hockey players dropping like flies?


RIP Vernon. Another hard cat who didn't deserve it.


Hey man, are you attending the memorial today for Arturo? Wish I could be there!
You should go!


thats an instance where it seems like if he hadnt had a gun he probably wouldnt have been killed.


Hey jerkoff, you want to say shit like that take it to the politics forum


I don't handle things like that well. His daughter would have had me in tears.


Go fuck youreself im not a anti gun liberal i was just making an observation.I have a concealed weapons permit and I carry.