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Vernon Davis (Freak Of The 2006 NFL Combine)


anybody see the combines.. how bout Vernon Davis' stats:

bf%.. who knows.. Id guess pretty low based on this pic.. 6% ish maybe?

bench 465 max 225 for 33 reps
squat 685
clean 380
40 yd 4.38
vertical 42"


The guy's a mutant. Faster than most CBs, bigger than a lot of LBs, and stronger than a lot of DL. Who do you cover him with? Other than Ed Reed and Polamalu, I can't think of anyone.


He is a freak for sure. No telling how much money he just made himself by putting up those huge numbers. Now everyone's talking about him going as early as #9.
Credit to those who work their asses off to put up insane testing numbers, but I think the NFL puts way too much stock in the combine results. Half the guys whose stock soars (ridiculously) because of a big combine end up being busts. Anyone remember Mike Mamula? Tony Mandarich?


i remember Cressey saying most numbers are exaggerated a bit...i remember one guy said he had way over a 500lb clean when shane's record is 517

they dont have alot of those exercises in the combine so id take it with a grain of salt


252 ibs. moving at the speed this guy is capable of are the two numbers I'd focus on.

A 4.38 40 is fast. At that size it's pretty incredible. I'm sure he has the skills to make use of those stats.

Hope the Eagles get him.


"they dont have alot of those exercises in the combine so id take it with a grain of salt"

I disagree. I played football for a year at Oklahoma State and in our weight program everything was STRICT- squat reps didn't count unless they were to parralel, you had to stand up after doing a power clean or it didn't count etc.... Most bigtime D1 programs are strict about stuff like this.


I agree with OK state, same thing where I went except we had to go ass to grass on squats


Part of me thinks they put too much stock in numbers, but look at guys like Archuleta, Urlacher, Leonard Davis and Marcus Trufant who put up great numbers at the combine and backed it up on the field. I think if they had better-designed tests, it would be a lot more worthwhile.


these guys won't be covering him either. sure ed reed is a fabulous playmaker, but polamalu is just fabulously overrated.

if everything works out right for Davis, he could eventually be right up there with AGates.


Hey! Mike Mamula was my favorite Eagle back in the day. He was their best defensive player for a while. Sure they sucked at the time so that's not saying much, but he was still good at least. Probably I'm just saying this because I got his autograph.


Solid and impressive. As far as looks go, he looks even bigger than 250 at 6'3 to me, though it's hard to really tell.


Polamalu overrated? I hate the Steelers and I can't believe you said that.


I liked Mamula too, great athlete. But before the combine he was projected to be no higher than a 3rd round pick - he had a great combine and moved all the way up to the first round.
Then he got to the league and flamed out after less than 5 years.


Sean Taylor, saftey for the redskins, could cover this guy. Just as much potential IMO as this guy does...


Watched him during the NFL Combine broadcast on the NFL Network. Hope he lives up to his potential!


can guys in the nfl actually clean 517??

whos shane.

i find this very hard to believe.


if he isnt in prison which i hope he isnt


holy crap! Those are some ridiculous stats. 4.38 40 at 252 pounds!!!?


LOL, no kidding, someone needs to get this guy a babysitter


It's like a fuckin fridge with wheels and a V8.