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Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband


Does anyone have one of those things you plug into your laptop for a wireless signal?

I just moved into my own apartment, and I was thinking about getting one of these instead of having a modem and router installed.

Any advice would be appreciated, really. Just kinda wondering how the speed is, as this will be my only means to internet.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. It's not MUCH cheaper than a wireless contract where I am, but it would save me buying the modem and router.
    1a. I download a lot of porn.



If you have the option to get a tetherable phone that would be helpful.


first of all...

  2. Wireless cards work well and you just go to a carrier for one...and plug and play.... dumb ass.



If you enjoy the porn, get a router and have reliable speed and service.


I have Verizon's USB modem. The 3G speeds here are 1.8 to 2mbps. I likewise use mine as my sole Internet because I don't want to pay the ridiculous fees and crap the ISP here charges. I've never had signal dropped, etc. Can't tell a difference between this and normal wifi.

With that said, there's a 5GB cap per month. If you watch videos, stream music, or download a lot of crap, you'll blow through it fast. If you only look at pics and visit websites, 5GB is more than enough.

My library has public, unsecured wifi. I just download crap there when I need a program (or, in your case, porn).


$35/month for cable internet is a good deal considering the speed at which you can accumulate 100GB's worth of pron. They will give you the modem for free, if not a router too, which can be had for under $50.


^ this. And god help you if you pick the aircard option and end up getting a 2G signal. Might as well have each frame of porn brought in by carrier pigeon. Even on shitty cable modems or DSL that's at the distance limits from the CO, you should still be able to get 4+ MB down. I highly doubt any broadband card can match cable + Wireless-N router.


Not the best idea as you sole internet source. It will be alot slower then what you can get at home. You can usually get alot more out of cable and fios if it's in you area. Also there is a 5gb cap which you will easily max with any video streaming or downloads. Also looking online, CL and ebay for used dsl modems or cable routers for cheap. You don't have to go with what the ISP provides you if it has a cost. Heck i have a least one of each lying in a box.