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Veritas- a look at NCAA wrestling Finalists season.


Lat weeks wrestling talk made go look this up and re-watch it.

It features Jon Trenge during his Senior Season at Lehigh-
and what it takes and the toll it takes to be #1.

Trenge- was a 2x finalist going into the 2005 season- has some serious eye/retina injuries
competing further threatens his health


an insider's look in to how much pressure there is to meet your goals

peep it.


great stuff k. stayed up to 3 am watching this.

thinking lots about wrestling of late too...

leads me to a question: what is your assessment of Matt Hamill? That is a wrestler, and how does his multiple Div 3 championships AND his international wrestling achievements stack up against say a Div 1 All American or National champ?

seemed he easily out wrestled Mark Munoz who was a Div one champ, no?


good post, thanks


Matt Hamill is strong like bull- everyone who trains/fights him has mentioned something like that
he bullies people really well

I think in his case- more so than any other D2 or D3 athlete
is the choice of college has little to do with ability

he could have been very competitive in D1 he did do one year at Purdue where
I read he was recruited, but left to enroll at R.I.T. which houses the school for the deaf.

I know he mixed it up in greco and freestyle for some deaf international and olympic competitions
and medaled in both

He is also strong like bull & has a decent chin.

he is really good at being a bully he bullied Munoz around- and nullified any wrestling advantage
Munoz was pretty new then too


Munoz's wrestling hasn't translated well. And it's a shame about this kids eye, he would be a prime candidate for mma with his aggression.


I was really impressed by his coach. That is a professional.


I guess what I was referring to was what you were talking about in the Lesnar Velasquiz thread: that is, that there is a big (if not huge) jump in competition level once you get out of NCAA competition to the international level.

Though Munoz was a champion at a bigger school, thus theoretically he had to defeat better competition...Hamill competed at the world level, thus perhaps that says more about his ability that his D-3 status.

School me if I am wrong, but Couture was never a D-1 champ, he was an all american, but never won the big show at a college level BUT, he went on to compete as a grappler at international level, and THAT is what made him such a formidable wrestler in MMA.

I saw the Hamill-Munoz fight, Hamill owned him. When Munoz would shoot, Hamill easily just got underhooks and threw him to the ground. He made it look effortless.

sorry if i seem to beating a dead horse...



I got distracted, Yes.... YES absolutely

Couture is a great example of this in fact he is a Text book - so might Henderson.
Hamill wrestlers like a bully- something that is built into most overseas styles.

Couture was a Runner up to Mark Kerr 'a friend' to me.
and he wrestled in the service- and then did plenty of Greco in the international circuit

The water is deep- when you get out of the country.

the rest of the world is what the
Midwest is to America on a bigger scale.

Just like HS to college to NFL the game gets faster.
in wrestling- the game gets more physcial and the rules change
for most people this is the first time they are seeing what would be
illegal in a college match-
you see some of it in the Veritas Film - how much pushing, how physical they can get

Not having any Greco experience - even if you are a stud NCCA D1 type- your cutting your attacks in half.

playing Judo and Greco showed me how 'we' meaning the US are behind - in what we do.
we put so much emphasis on folk/college wrestling- we miss out.

Greco- has allot of stuff going on that can only help your collegiate game the hand fighting, head control
more sophisticated pummeling etc..

Just the fact that you can roll/compete with people from a completely different way of training will
make you better.

that and having some one who is on their way to worlds step on your head
puts lots of things in perspective about your own abilities.
Or just watching someone who seemed immortal get tooled - is shocking the first time you see it


This right here is pretty spot on. I started wrestling my sophomore year in high school, and knew nothing. I learned on the go. After the high school season ended, I continued training in Greco-Roman. I eventually went to states and won, qualifying for nationals. Talk about a HUGE step up in training and competition. I managed to win a match, but was completely owned in the next two. But, in training with, watching, and competing against the best, I learned a lot. So much that my junior year was spent crushing most of my competition, winning my district and regional, and placing 4th in the state. Just when I thought I was hot shit, I began training with the All-Army Team and World Class Athlete Program. I can only shake my head at the beating I took. Mostly at the hands of one Dremiel Byers (look him up). But, I learned even more from him, and took that with me into MMA. Some damn good memories...