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Verifying Training Method, Results, and Neurotyping

Hello Christian and others!

I read about neurotypes. I’m clearly type3 with little exceptions. The exceptions are:
I’m strong with subpar endurance
I’m fairly explosive but not extremely efficient in dynamic movements.
I’m (well… was) very passionate in strength training.

You can skip these if you don’t want to know my background:
All time drug free with decent lifts with training that would be just linear progression with something like double progression included. There was only 2 episodes where I get some results from different methods. One was RPE training something like Mike Tuchscherer programs and the other something similar to 20 rep squat for all lifts (although it wasn’t exactly 20 reps but just amrap at weights with 10+ reps, 15 being the common ground). Both these methods were used after returning to lifting after either injury or just lay off.

actual question:
My question is if I’m neurotype3 the reason why linear progression was the best is because it is physiologically really the best or it’s just that I can handle it mentally the best because I believe in it. In other words If I believe that other training would be superior and make myself stick to it would it be equally as effective (or more) or it would be still less effective.

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up, I’m really interested about your opinion.

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Not really a bump this time. I found one of Thib’s podcast where I think he kind of answers my question around 24 or 25 min mark.