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Verdict on Taurine?

i bought some taurine a while ago (to be honest i dont even remember why), and noticed an interesting effect. It reduced my blood pressure dramatically. I have had high blood pressure for a while now, but taurine brings my blood pressure down to about 110/60 which is pretty low taking 2 - 3 gms daily.

given all that, i still want to make sure i am not shooting myself in the foot here. is there any reason why i should not be taking taurine? are there negative side effects that out weigh this one positive?

just for history my BP is w/out taurine is about 160-ish/90-ish

according to wikipedia, I actually see no negative side effects of taking Taurine. If anything, it appears to be quite beneficial. Lowering BP is actually a common effect seen in studies. This actually surprised me, since I’m not a big fan of Taurine, but never had a reason why. Its really interesting. From what I see, you should be fine taking it, and it may be even a good idea to take it indefinitely. I think I’ll look at some studies on it out of sheer curiosity. So yea, enjoy the positive effects!

Now that I think about it, lifting weights has increased my BP quite alot (~140/~80), so I might just take it myself. Did you just find it at a health store?


[quote]elusive wrote:

haha, well i do too get the effect of lower blood pressure. to help even more with bp, use magnesium. i believe that taurine can be used in place of magnesium when magnesium is low. i need to look more into that but that is what i got from a few studies.

that’s an interesting effect. Taurine is in almost every energy drink, and caffeine temporarily raises bp, what havoc do you think energy drinks cause?


thanks for the info

i got my taurine from

i think the taurine in energy drinks is what gives the energy drinks a pleasant awake feeling rather than the normal effects of caffeine in a stronge double dose expresso.

Wasn’t there a T-Nation article (Thibaudeau?) which mentioned that the taurine in energy drinks actually negates the “buzz” of the drink? I vaguely remember reading something like that

I was under the impression that taurine was used in energy drinks as a “downer”. It gets you up and going, then it makes you crash so you will continue to buy more energy drinks.

Taurine in energy drinks is pointless IMO. The insulin released from the drink will stop the taurine from entering the brain.

Taurine increases the production of serotonin, so that should be something you consider when deciding to take it. Generally, I’d say it’s best to have less serotonin during the day and more before bed (especially since it also increases melatonin production). Totally depends on the individual though.

Your BP change is pretty impressive though. If it’s working for you, I’d say stick with it.