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Verdict on Pre-Bedtime Meals?!

The topic of eating before you sleep has yielded many different answers!

I am currently “bulking”. I’m 6’4, 210lbs, 9%BF

I read the 6 Bigger Bulking Tips article (http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/6_bigger_bulking_tips&cr=) and learned that I shouldnt eat poptarts before bed because it may contribute to fat gain. HOWEVER, I should consume casein protein and fat before I sleep.

I have a few questions regarding this…

  1. If I burn calories when I sleep (which I do, a considerable amount, I understand), why are poptarts any less viable than fat? Theyre both going to get “burned”, aren’t they?

  2. Am I also building muscle while I sleep? If this is the case, why do I always wake up significantly lighter? (water weight?)

  3. So If I am building muscle when I sleep, and also burning around 800 calories, should I consume over 1000 calories before I sleep? If I consume less than I burn, wouldnt I be losing weight, and therefore preventing any muscle gains?

…this is all very confusing, hopefully someone can get me in the right direction.


P.S. I have many more questions regarding this, but it’s a good start. Currently before I sleep, I eat about a half cup of almonds and half serving of True Mass (about 760 calories)

Hey, you seem to be in better shape then me…
I’m 5’10 @ 196 pounds (at unknown BF%)

  1. Why must you eat something of no nutritional value, it is better to eat something with positive counterparts also… (ie: Milk has protein, but, equal amount of sugar)
  2. You feel significantly lighter because you are going without food for 8 hours… personally, I feel A LOT heavier when I wake up, but, this is due to me drinking about 3 cups of milk, a bit of whey (on occasion, like 1/4 of a cup b/c I do some curls before I go to sleep (on occasion once again), and, maybe 4 slices of turkey.

3)Well, regardless you will in some form or way, lose some amount of muscle mass, it is nearly impossible not to. That’s 8-10 hours without food, even with food right before. For example: When awake, do you feel adequeately full if you ate a lot at one point, and, then ate nothing for 10 hours. Of course not…

Now, I may not be the best person, but, I have gained about 10 pounds ever since I started having pre-bedtime meals, and, I feel considerable thinner overall.

I reccomend having something asides from nuts, because they are very high in calories. Try for cheese or some form of meat… if you can, get those casein protein powder things (I wish I did have some)

…keep in mind, I’m only 16, so some of this stuff may not be applicable.

Make 2 protein shakes, preferably casein, with some fiber and powder greens dumped in for effect. Drink one before bed, and drink one when you wake up to go piss at night. If your trying to bulk, then do the exact same but only cook two 8 oz steaks, eat one before bed and eat the other as a midnight snack. I’ve done both and they work really well

  1. Poptarts are garbage and healthy fats before bed are important because the fats are used in Hormone production which is needed for muscle growth.

  2. When sleeping or resting your body can focus on repairing muscle damage which helps them grow. Resting also relaxes your Central Nervous System which is often stressed from high intensity workouts (like lifting to failure) This is why 10 hours of sleep and the post workout nap is great for growth. You’ll wake up lighter because of water lose.

  3. A big dinner and then going to bed early is good and a healthy but high in calorie snack is great before bed as well.

I’m always way to caffinated to nap post workout. I usually go with ON’s casein blended with peanut butter, cottage cheese and nuts is another great option. Don’t worry about consuming more than you’re burning over night, as long as your eating over your maintenance level you will gain weight.

Poached chicken breast (w/ PB, of course) is a favourite for me at the moment but only because they’re on special at the supermarket.