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Verbatim Copying, Plagiarism?


How do you avoid plagiarism in verbatim copying when making a video? Usually, you have to provide references, citations, quotations but, how do you do this when making a video?

Would it be acceptable to simply provide the citations, references etc, in the description section of the video.


What’s this for?

If it’s just a school project or something like that then I would think just giving credit to the author while you’re talking would be fine.


Dr. Xavier said, quote, “Wolverine is a baller.” end quote.

If this is for profit that’s a whole different ballgame.


Like usmc said, depends on how you share it. If it’s for school, then knight cite saved my life in college. Don’t think I can link, but google it. You put in the information you have, and it gives you the proper formatting for the three major citing formats.


Just curiosity. I was listening to a podcast (I assume profit is involved) and they were essentially reading/talking about articles sometimes research (importance of sleep) that is online. Really, only saving you the trouble of having to read it or do the research yourself. No real original content other than the occasional comment.


DamniInteresting.com got in a lawsuit when another website was copying their publications and reading them in a podcast.

If that happened to me Id burn their houses down and ship their kids off to the lead mines in china, but we live in a “civilized society” that has “rules” and “laws”